Vaporizers and e-cigs pose danger to students

By Diego Olivares

Vapor Electronic Cigarettes are more harmful to a person’s health than what companies are falsely advertising.

Vapor Cigarettes, or e-cigs for short, have become an alternative to cigarette smoking in the past few years. e-cigs are battery-powered vaporizers  designed for the smoker to inhale harmless water vapor.

E-cigs are popular with young adults and college students around the country.

One of the beliefs that many young adults have is that e-cigs are harmless to their health.

According to the website,, smokers use e-cigs to help quit cigarette smoking.

The e-cigs are promoted through the media to be healthier than cigarettes.

College students choose e-cigs with the belief that ist better for their health, according to Cengage

A study posted on Science states that over 62.1% of college students believe e-cigs to be less dangerous than regular cigarettes.

Recent alternative studies state that e-cigs have been found to cause damage to a person’s health.

Due to e-cigs being a brand new item, the effects that it has on people are still being studied.

This also includes to how safe they supposedly are.

The fact this product was pushed into the market with little testing is questionable.

More facts about e-cigs are still being discovered while it’s out in the general market.

According to a Food Drug Admination Report, e-cigs have toxic elements in them.

E-cigs are also said to have additional unhealthy effects.

E-cigs have emit an aerosol that contains harmful particles.

The particles could have serious health effects on a person’s lungs, including  respiratory system damage.

Comparison with e-cigs and cigarette smoking have also been made.

The vapor from e-cigs are said to have more particles than those found in cigarette smoke.

Second hand vapor could also be harmful to a non-smoker. This includes those who have asthma.

The particles are said to be dangerous to people with asthma. Exposure of these particles could cause asthma attacks.  The heart could be heavily affected by these particles. This could lead to heart disease and even a possible heart attack.

Other health problems caused by e-cigs include lung inflammation, irritation and infection. The growing popularity of e-cigs blocks this information from the general public.It’s a disgusting thought that unhealthy items are sold as healthy, though it’s one that’s  unsurprising.

For years, companies such as the American Tobacco Company promoted many of their products as harmless and safe for the common person.

People need to be more aware of the products they ingest into their bodies, rather than for them to buy the product blindly.

More public awareness and personal research should be put into vapor e-cigs.

Without knowing about the side-effects of this products, the popularity will continue to grow.


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