Laziness affects student education

By Diego Olivares

College students have to overcome the problem of laziness which could cause them some serious problems in the future.

With many students being in their 20s, it’s common for them to not want to do hard work. These are known as college slackers.

There’s a saying, “It’s easier to do something, than it is to do anything.” Many college slackers clearly relate to this phrase.

There could be serious consequences to their laziness and it’s something that should be known.

This type of laziness leads to lack of effort put into assigned class work. That causes reduced grades in their classes.

Adding to that is stress that they could feel by doing class work last minute. Other times they don’t get any work done at all.

It’s hard for people to break from this habit but it’s a bad habit that they must break away from before it ruins their educational future.

As a student of East Los Angeles College, I sometimes find myself being a slacker.

There are days when I’m assigned class work and I don’t want to work on it. Sometimes I end up not doing the assignments at all.

This resulted in me being behind on my grades. It caused me plenty of stress, yet I was the one bringing the stress upon myself in the first place, due to my laziness.

There are numerous reasons as to why college students act this way.

Part of it could come from self-doubt. A lot of students feel they can’t do a good job on their class work.

They refuse to do the work out of fear of failing. Much of their self-doubt can also be brought upon by the influence of others.

Some teachers and friends can be bad influences on these college slackers. They don’t encourage students enough to get their work done.

Another factor is students’ lack of interest in their classes. Students sometimes attend these classes to complete an obligation for school or family.

There are ways to break out of this habit.

Students need to give themselves some positive motivation. One way they could do it is by reminding themselves about the dangers of not doing work.

That kind of reminder could get students to want to do their work. Another way is to seek motivation from positive people.

By surrounding themselves with positive friends and family, students could push themselves to continue their school work. This is something that I tend to do when I lose confidence in what I’m    working on.

It’s actually something that does work for me. Students should also keep away from the negative influences in their lives.

Motivation is done by positive influences and without negativity.

College slackers have ways to break out of their slacker behavior, but they just need to get themselves to do it.

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