Affordability attracts athletes worldwide

By Tanner Rose

College tuition should be more affordable for out-of-state student athletes in California.

Out of the 16 teams listed on the East Los Angeles College Athletics web page,there are a total of 22 out-of-state and five foreign exchange players, high numbers compared to previous years.

Compared to conference rival Pasadena City College and other surrounding college programs, ELAC does not have as many out-of-state players.

According to the Pasadena City College Athletics web page from their 16  sports teams, they have 41 out-of- state players.

In the fall sports that have already started or finished, Pasadena City College has a 3-1-1 record against ELAC.

There are many factors out-of-state players consider when choosing a college.

Location is an attraction that usually plays a role when recruits are looking to play college sports on any level, but especially when looking to attend a school in California.

California has many different areas, attractions and things to do. Most of the time recruits will factor those things into their situation.

Often, athletes and their families will look at the safety of the location and maybe even the demographics.

Tuition also plays a big role when recruits are selecting a school. California colleges are not allowed to give out any athletic scholarships.

In most cases when a player is a resident of California and attends college in California, the only expense is their tuition. These fees are covered by state waivers or different grants, such as the Cal Grant that is only offered to state residents.

For out-of-state athletes coming to play at a college program in California, the cost isn’t cheap.

Tuition costs for two-year schools in California can range from $4,000-$26,000, most of which don’t provide housing or a food plan system that only will add more expenses on top of tuition.

The  reason why student athletes go to college in the first place is to have the  chance to transfer to a four-year university and earn a full scholarship.

When making their choice of  college, they often look for the transfer rate of student athletes and what programs they are transferring to.

Monterey Park is considered one of the safest areas in L.A. County

It is also within 20 miles of many attractions such as Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier and Dodger Stadium.

The points of interest may attract many student athletes to be able to do and see things that they may have never done before.

One drawback of ELAC’s location is that it is six miles away from Downtown Los Angeles.

This skyrockets the prices of rent that out-of-state athletes have to pay.

If the college board could figure out a way to establish a relationship with a local housing program to rent places for out-of-state athletes, it would help lower their                       expenses and give more out-of-state players the economic feasibility to come to ELAC.

If tuition and rent were more affordable ELAC would be more attractive for out-of-state athletes.

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