Healthcare grows at ELAC

By Susan Lorenzana

The new Health Occupation Program is currently accepting applications for the 2016 Spring semester.

The program takes approximately one semester to complete with morning, evening and Saturday classes to fit any schedule

The Health Occupation Program has a total of 7.5 units.

The four core classes are Healthcare Professional, Basic Medical Terminology, Cultural and Legal Topics for Healthcare Professionals and Fundamentals for the Healthcare Professional.

The Health Occupation Program will help students prepare for a job in the Healthcare profession.

After the program, students will gain employer connections by participating in free workshops.

These markers are indicators of merit in a field. Thus, employers require them as part of the hiring process.

According to the Health Occupation Program at ELAC, these courses prepare students with entry-level skills for employment opportunities within the Healthcare and Social Service Industries.

The program includes tuition-waived classes,college counseling and online career assessments.

Digital badges in a skill, quality or interest are awarded to students after completing the program.

According to the director of Gateway to Health Program, Dr. Dorothy Hendrix said, “[This program] will prepare students for entry level positions in the Healthcare industry.”

Classroom skills that students learn are rooted in practical real–world application, invaluable customer service skills, body mechanics and patient record confidentiality.

The program will nurture and facilitate skills needed to be in social and public service such as communication.

The program helps build a sense of pride in the student’s career choice. The knowledge learned in the program molds participants into becoming ideal healthcare professionals.

For more information, contact the Health and Service Careers at 323-415-5048 or

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