International Program shows reliability and support

By Katherine Ng

As an international student, the International Student Program showed its reliability and support even before applying for the program.

Due to time difference, communicating through emails was the only way to get information when applying from overseas. The program usually responded to emails in a reasonable period of time and sometimes it took even shorter.

When students needed guidance and assistance, they never fail to give support to students to get through any kind of difficulties. They send students emails from time to time regarding transfer workshops, career fair, counseling, important updates and reminders such as transfer admission deadlines, registration deadlines to keep students in the loop.

“ELAC International Student Programs helped me get through classes when I first got here. I did not have any friends here and was not able to communicate with anyone due to the language barrier,” international student Chloe Ho said.

“I had difficulty registering classes online so I went to the International Student Office where the student services assistant helped me out with classes in a couple of minutes with just a few clicks,” Jeannie Lai, another international student, said.

According to the latest report from ELAC international student office, 175 international students in 2015 got accepted to either the California State University or the University of California.

Twenty-five students are going to transfer to California State University, Los Angeles and 18 students to the University of California, Los Angeles.

Setting up a chat room online would be easier for overseas students who live on the other side of the planet. They could get as much information as they want before applying the programs. Although they respond in a reasonable time, this would help prevent a lot of emails from going back and forth.

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