New Health Certificate courses available at ELAC

By Jeffrey Iraheta

This program started fall 2015 and is currently accepting applications for the spring 2016.

The Health and Service Careers Foundational Skills Certificate is 7.5 units. These units include four core classes that include HLTHOCC 062: Skill Set for the Health care Professional, HLTHOCC 063: Basic Medical Terminology, Pathophysiology (the disordered physiological processes associated with disease or injury), Pharmacology (the branch of medicine and biology concerned with the study of drug action), HLTHOCC 064: Cultural and Legal Topics for Health care Professionals and HLTHOCC 065: Fundamentals for the Health care Professional (basic math).

This program is great for those who aren’t aiming to get their associate’s degree because it can get them an entry level job. According to the Health Occupation Program at ELAC, these courses prepare students with entry level skills and competencies needed for employment opportunities within the health care and social service industry.

If you are serious about having a career in the health care or social service industry, these classes will be good for you. The program includes four tuition waived classes, enrollment completing one semester, dedicated college counseling, an online career assessment, an exploration that helps you determine what job best fits you and digital badges for competencies identified by employers.

A digital badge is a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in many learning environments. A person would need it when you are applying for a job. Last but not least, employer connections and free workshops.

According to Dr. Dorothy Hendrix , who is in charge of the Gateway to Health Service, this program will prepare students for entry level positions in the health care industry, customer skills, body mechanics, confidentiality of patent’s records etc. Body mechanics are exercises designed to improve posture, coordination and stamina. Having good body mechanics will make you look presentable and professional.

The program will give you skills you need to serve others. For example, communication skills.

Some of the goals this program hopes to achieve are to have a sense of service and commitment towards your job. This includes having knowledge of how to be a good health care professional. A good professional that knows what they are doing.

The program takes approximately one semester to complete. There are morning, evening and Saturday classes. This fall semester, approximately 90 students will be attaining the Health Certificate.

For more information, contact the Health and Services Careers at 323-415-5048 or

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