College students should work to be healthier

By Lamont Rogers

Making healthy eating choices as a college student can be difficult, it seems like fast food and vending machines are always nearby. The daily schedule of a college student is constantly changing.

Eating and exercising routines are always varying. The hustle and bustle of college life interferes with the perfect routine that each student desires. During mid-terms and finals, most college student’s mind set is.

“Do whatever it takes to study as much as possible and pass!” This can mean, long nights of coffee, energy-drinks and junk-food, in most cases. The habits you adopt in college can follow you throughout your post graduate life.

College is meant to assist one’s growth and knowledge; it should not alter your lifestyle in unhealthy ways.

Elac has had a lot of fundraising on campus as of late, selling mostly unhealthy foods at a reasonable price. Which can be tempting for any college student, but what we all should understand is; your body is meant to be fueled with nutrients that sustain your health.

Not fueling your body with the proper nutrients can be problematic. It is also very important to exercise regularly. Our bodies are meant to move, Physical activity is just as important as homework, classes, and work.  Even if it’s a 20 minute walk around campus or a few jumping jacks after dinner, it is important to exercise on regular basics.

In some cases college students are unhealthy because there are too many unhealthy foods around, but in other cases college students might not be eating enough simply because they can’t afford it.

The rising cost of tuition at many schools, and high cost of living expenses can put a burden on any student’s finances, making it even more difficult to stay on a healthy meal plan. Most college students number one focus is grades, everything else is secondary.

Your body should be the most important thing in your life. Risking the health of it not only puts yourself at a disadvantage for not performing at 100 percent but also your future self. Start thinking about your long-term health when making decisions based on exercising and food.

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