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English Camp


By Christian Cabrera


The International Youth Fellowship (IYF) recently visited the East Los Angeles College campus to invite students to travel abroad to Monterrey, Mexico and expose foreign students to English language and American culture.

According to their mission statement: “IYF English Camp is a short-term Christian volunteering initiative that strives to teach English and plant hope in foreign countries. Through a diverse blend of language learning programs, short-term volunteers expose students of all ages to English and the basics of American culture. Through obstacles and limitations, they gain experiences and confidence that give them a newfound perspective on their futures. At the same time, IYF English Camp volunteers discover the joy and happiness that stems from serving others.”

This program was conceived in 2001 during the National Speech Contest in South Korea as an opportunity for students to overcome the challenges of speaking English in public. College students trained face-to-face with native English speakers in order to compose speeches and build their confidence in public speaking. The English camp exposed South Korea’s youth to American history, culture, food, games, and trends. As of today, over 19,500 students have entered the Contest, and more than 13 different countries such as Brazil, Togo, Russia, Haiti, and Mexico have been added to the list of hosts for the event.

ELAC students interested in pursuing a career in teaching English while also living a Christian lifestyle may want to take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, you get a certificate for participation.

IYF welcomes students from all kinds of academic backgrounds. Even students who are not native English speakers are welcomed, Thomas Holloway, an IYF member who participated in passing out information at their booth on ELAC said, “People from all countries have taken delight in being part of this cultural and spiritual experience.”

The IYF English Camp is comprised of two parts. There is a mandatory workshop in Dallas, Texas, from December 27 to December 30. And the trip to Mexico which is scheduled from December 31 to January 3.

The cost of the entire trip is $400, and meals and hotels are included.  The entire route will be traversed by bus and the hotel stays in both locations will be at the Hyatt Regency.

For more information on how to register for this event ELAC students can contact the local branch to register: 3500W 1st. St, Los Angeles CA 90004. The telephone number is (213) 386-0097 or email at losangeles@iyfusa.org. Their website is iyfusa.org.

This is what a previous participant had to say: “At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect in Mexico. I had never taught a class before. But I noticed after the first day that as long as I was excited about what I was teaching, the students were excited . . . I definitely want to continue to volunteer myself to touch other people in any way I can, because it is the most rewarding feeling in the entire world.” Elizabeth Vecseri.

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