Deli serves homemade delights

By Gladys Roman

Looking for something to eat with a splash of fresh flavors, and maybe with a touch of homemade? The visit I made to the Hall of Fame, Market and Deli left me with that taste. Here in this Deli and Market they are known for their yummy deli sandwiches, they are prepared the moment you get there.

It’s located in the City of Downey; 10846 Downey Ave, only a couple blocks away from the Porto’s Bakery on Firestone Blvd. I would have never known this place existed since it’s in a hidden location and appears just to look like a market from the outside, until a coworker of mine insisted I give it a try. First bite into my sandwich and I was already thinking how I would never picture a sandwich being this good, my veggies were so juicy, the meat here is pure quality you can taste, you can always buy meat per pound to prepare your own deli sandwiches at the comfort of your own home.

This is how it works, they hand you a white sheet of paper with many ingredients you can possibly add to a sandwich. Then you circle what meat, bread, cheese, vegetables, dressings, and any extra things like avocado or bacon. One sandwich I tried was number five on the menu the most popular, the classic Turkey and avocado. I circled Squaw; a dark rye whole wheat bread, light mayo, vinegar, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, cucumbers, salt and pepper. There is twenty eight cold and hot sandwiches all together you can choose, from a cold BLT sandwich to hot pastrami sandwich. Prices aren’t over the top starting at $2.69 to $5.99, these sandwiches are worth the price, be prepared to take big bites.

They also serve salads, breakfast bagels, and soups. They offer combos like their half sandwich half soup special, broccoli cheddar is the soup I tried. The soup was very creamy had a lot of broccoli, warm and perfect for this fall and winter season. One of the owner’s named Gary greets you as you enter, and there is a young lady behind the counter preparing your order, making the magic happen. Gary and Mark are both owners of this location, I spoke to Gary and he mentioned Mark has been in the Deli business all his life since he was a child. They both opened this Deli three years ago, decided the location for perfect.

While you wait for them to prepare your order, you can walk around since this place is a market as well, selling ordinary items big markets would sell. Maybe that is the only thing I would change about this place, for them to focus more on the deli sandwiches more then it being a market. This location would be ideal for a sandwich café, a perfect peaceful place to relax and have lunch with a friend. Whether you want to start a healthier eating lifestyle or just craving a perfect sandwich nearby, when you are around the Downey area give this place a try.

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