Shoppers should be aware of deals

By Alexander Diep

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday over, items that yelled “BUY ME” could have been bought cheaper if people knew where to find them.  These shopping dates have been culturally identifiable as hell in retail stores, but why deal with the hassle of physically going to the store when there are deals on virtually any item people want throughout the year.

 These shopping dates are known for causing a crazy amount of discomfort (and maybe injury) in retail businesses who treat these dates as a way to release unsold goods for a “cheaper” price.  People can buy the item for a cheaper price, but it is possible to refer to the miracle of the internet for the search of the “cheapest” price.

 Any item hardware related item tend to get discounted a great amount of times online and in physical stores, especially after its year of release.  Especially for the technology market, items go on discount in fashionable manners in ways to make room for new tech and related peripherals.

Within the fashion industry, it is possible to find the lowest price depending on the item’s brand name, its design, and the amount of customers it thinks it may receive.  Online, the item is most of the time, available, and in the hell that are shopping malls and other retailers, it is not.

 So within the market, businesses stay smart, selling off their unused and popular brands for cheaper, while the average Joe stays average.

 The next time the term Black Friday ever comes up, be smarter and be patient online.  Trips to the store are okay because you just might find a steal (if the employees don’t hide it first), just always be wary what to spend on and where to spend it.  What you want is not always what you need.


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