Health Center promotes health tips through workshops

By Daniela Jalteco

The East Los Angeles Health Center has workshops providing information about sexual assault, domestic violence, HIV, AIDS, human trafficking and depression.

ELAC students, faculty and staff can use these services and receive support and counseling from the advocates and counselors who are continuously available to help and support all who are in need of these services.

Each workshop will have workers  speaking about health issues.

The Health Center provides a series of workshops to help people understand what self care is about as well as information on shelters provided for people suffering from domestic violence.

In some circumstances, the person may want to visit a legal office depending on a health issue  he or she encountered.

Health Center also offers resources and guidance for people seeking to see legal office.

“We provide support for any circumstance they are going through and help to access the services that they need,” Beatriz Vega, ELAC health center counselor who specializes in sexual assault therapy said.

Everything disclosed between the patron and the advocate or counselor is confidential. Advocates and counselors are readily available to accompany anyone in need of support for hospital and legal visits.

“We are here to help you start the process of healing, to help address the event or issue and help you cope with it,” ELAC health center advocate for sexual assault victims Luis Mendoza said.

The staff at the Health Center help people develop skills to become independent, empowered and overcome difficult matters.

They provide a safe and comfortable environment for anyone who enters the offices or workshops.

The ELAC health fee, which all students pay each semester, covers all services provided by the Health Center, meaning there are no additional fees incurred through using the Health Center’s facilities or services.

“I always announce it as you’re already paying the health fee (to) use us. We are here for you,” Vega said.

If students know anyone who is need of assistance, he or she can refer that person to the health center..   

For further assistance, call (323)780-6754 or visit the office located at G8-127.

Any student in need of immediate assistance who cannot make it to the Health Center can call the hotline at (800)585-6231 for advocates and counselors on call 24/7.

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