SAAVE aids sexual assault victims at ELAC

By Gustavo Buenrostro

People have been affected by sexual assault one way or another and East Los Angeles College hopes to bring awareness with Sexual Assault Awareness and Violence Education.

SAAVE is a group of faculty and students who want to inform other people about sexual assault.

This month is about spreading information to those who may not know much about sexual assault or for people who are also looking for more information.

This month is also for those who are victims of sexual assault and throughout the month of April, there are many workshops for those who have experienced it.

Some workshops talk about the legal system telling you what kind of action someone can take if they have been a victim of sexual assault.

They even talked about immigration. People who have been victims of sexual assault and are undocumented immigrants, these workshops talk about what kind of action someone with these set of circumstances can do.

There is also HIV testing for those who would like to get tested for any diseases with the next HIV test happening Tuesday, April 26.

There are meetings called Men’s Circle, where men who have been victims of sexual assault can talk about their experiences or would like to confide with other people.

There is also a common sense self defense workshop that teaches people how to defend themselves against sexual assailants.

There are also workshops about healthy relationships, where students can know how to be in a healthy relationship.

A play called “Drunk Girl”  has performances in the month of April.

Two performances dates have already happened but there is an upcoming performance on April 21. “Drunk Girl” is a series of plays exploring the struggles that women have over their bodies and their lives.

The play will take place on campus in building S-1 music recital hall.

A denim day resource fair will take place on April 27.  Students and faculty will wear denim in support of the sexual awareness month.

One of the last events for SAAVE will be Take Back the Night Vigil and March Against Sexual Assault.

They  will take place in the G3 auditorium starting at six on April 28.

Take back the night starts with professionals speakers talking about sexual assault.

After the speakers talk, students can come up and share their experiences with sexual assault.

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