Division of ELAC and SGEC

By Dorany Pineda

An ever-present disconnection between the East Los Angeles College and its branch campus, South Gate Educational Center, exists beyond their geographical distance.

Part of the disconnection is due to the actual 11 mile distance that divides the two campuses.

As a former student at the South Gate Educational Center, the divide is also attributable to the lack of social events for the students at the South Gate campus.

These events would otherwise bring students with common interests and goals together.

ELAC’s ex?tended branch that, serves the growing population of students in the southernmost communities of the college’s service district.

I remember feeling isolated from the whole of the student body.

I felt like my experience going to school was lacking something fundamental: the feeling of togetherness with my peers.

The evolution of systems of higher education have transformed the college institution from simply being a place of knowledge and training for a future career to a setting bustling with social energy.

It’s that friendly spirit that acts as the medium for ideas and knowledge to spread and expand past the classroom walls.

Though the South Gate Educational Center does well what it is meant to do, it feels insular and is missing an element of connection with its mother campus.

A possible solution to this would be for ELAC to provide a special event transportation bus that could take students from the southernmost area of the campus to ELAC for big campus events.

That would allow students who don’t have convenient or reliable transportation to go to the central campus to attend valuable and fun events there.

A benefit of creating a more active bridge between ELAC and the South Gate Educational Center is that it can strengthen students’ bonds with their larger communities, ultimately exposing them to a more diverse range of ideas and perspectives.

When there are more minds in dialogue with each other stimulated by friends, peers and strangers alike, big things can happen.

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