Writer’s block spreads during finals month

By Diego Olivares

Students with writer’s block have a living nightmare during finals week or a big assignment.

That statement might sound like it’s not really a big deal.

However, if you’re a student getting ready for the final month of school, it’s hell on earth.

Finals are fast approaching for the students of East Los Angeles College.

Stress is going to be spreading like wildfire for the next few weeks.

We’re going to end up doing a lot of classwork just to pass.

This is going to be really troublesome for students.

Students are going to begin to work on final essays and other assignments.

Although, this is where a problem begins to occur.

Any of the students working on one of these final assignments could end up getting stuck on it.

A form of writer’s block starts coming around as it causes further trouble.

This is going to be tough for students who are behind in their classes; believe me, I know the feeling.

As semesters have come and gone during my time at ELAC, there’s always finals month.

It is during that time that I’m more stressed out, becuase I’m assigned extra class work in an attempt to raise my grade.

During this time, I would find it hard to think of ways to finish my assignments.

This would eventually lead me to writer’s block as most of my assignments were writting-based.

I feel that this is due to exhaustion from working throughout the whole semester, and maybe even a bit of personal issues as well.

With the school semester ending, the last thing a student would want to do is more work.

It makes it hard for students to think of how to complete many of their assignments.

The thought that runs through my head is wanting to go on vacation already, which could be a thought  shared by other students as well.

Whether we’re stressed out by school, we have to, of course, overcome it.

There are ways to overcome it.

Students need to find time to breathe and relax to clear their thoughts.

Relaxing allows students to refresh and clear thier minds and makes it easy to continue the assignments they’re stuck on.

Another way of overcoming writer’s block is to find inspiration.

This can be done by going through the material that your assignment is based on.

Even not thinking about the assignment at hand can be helpful for many students.

This is something that I sometimes do myself, because a student were to overthink an assignment for too long.

The students tend to lose focus of it what is going on with their work and that is how he or she fail the class.

If a student just stops thinking about the given assignment, sometimes the idea comes to them when least expected.

There are ways to overcome writer’s block during finals week.

In writing this article, I was dealing with writer’s block of my own.

I decide to take advantage of this situation.

I wrote an article about writer’s block of course.

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