Evil Trump is against the United States

By Diego Olivares

In light of Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to East Los Angeles College, there something else that is far more concerning as of late.

Yes, I’m of course, talking about the fact that billionaire/racist/most-hated scumbag in the world, Donald Trump is now the Republican presumptive nominee for President of the United States.

And to be quite honest, I’m far more concerned about this than Clinton stopping by ELAC just to say hi. This is a guy who’s more in love with himself than America.

When Trump announced that he was running for president last year, I personally thought it was a joke. I figured he’d be out in less than a month.

I remember being driven home one night by co-workers shortly after he announced this.

Many of them are Hispanic and they are deeply angry about his vicious comments about Mexicans.

It actually pissed me off that Trump was even allowed to run for office, though the anger didn’t end there.

For nearly a year, Trump made racist and idiotic remarks about Muslims and other minorities. His political rallies would erupt in violence and insanity surely a clear sign of a twisted future ahead of us.

Trump has even retweeted posts from a white supremacist on his Twitter account. Seriously, people? Are we allowing this guy the chance to run for president?

The fact that he’s built up all this support and is now in this position is shocking, and to be honest, terrifying.

Yet, he has supporters who voted for him and built up this momentum. Seriously though, what the hell is going on here?

Why are we allowing someone like Trump to get this far? I’m sorry, but just thinking about this makes me sick. I’m personally deeply angered by the people who’ve allowed Trump to get this far.

This kind of thinking could put our country into serious jeopardy.

To me, Trump getting into power is no different than Mussolini taking over Italy and Hitler taking over Germany during the 1930s and 40s. It’s just a case of a power-hungry maniac coming into power of a country.

And based an  Trump’s background, he’ll most likely run the United States into the ground, possibly worse than Bush back in the 2000s.

If anyone were to look  up Trump’s business history, he has filed for bankruptcy four times.

If this guy can’t even run a single business properly, what makes anyone think he could run the nation properly?

One of the reasons he’s winning is a combination of laziness and idiotic choices that’s growing in the American public and media.

Those who vote for him are foolish for doing so and they should know better. If Trump were to win, and let’s pray to God that he doesn’t, they have nobody to blame but themselves if this country goes to hell under his command.

For those who are being lazy, well it’s time to get up and do something about it. We the people have the power to prevent this and we should get up and take action.

No one wants to wake up one morning to find out we’re in the middle of World War III thanks to this nutjob.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump were to respond to the countries declaring war on us by simply stating: “You’re fired.” The guy still probably thinks he’s on reality TV or something.

Let’s just put it this way, Trump is a representation of the darker side of the American culture. Even many Republicans hate him, most likely because he’s giving them a bad name.

The America that he’s promising us is one that could tear this country apart.

This is the America that I and many others don’t want.

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