Hip-Hop/Rap artist Royce Da 5’9” remains overlooked

By Luis Colunga

Royce Da 5’9” is one of the most overlooked Hip-Hop and Rap artist of all time.

He’s been in the music scene for a while. Royce recently released his new album called “Layers.”

When I first heard his new album it gave me that good feeling of Hip-Hop and Rap, not like the new era of Hip-Hop and Rap artist today.

Royce always puts good music from his solo projects, features, cyphers and from his Hip-Hop and Rap music group called Slaughterhouse.

Members include Royce Da 5’9”, Crooked I, Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz who are signed to Shady Records.

Royce has worked with Eminem DJ Premier, and his music group member.

I’ve seen Royce is an emcee that has a reputation as a no-nonsense rapper one who represents what Hip-Hop is all about.

Ever since I heard Royce on the feature he did for Joe Budden album called Slaughterhouse on Halfway House I been a fan ever since. Royce always lives me with impression.

He has bars for days. Every kind of bars you could imagine. The kind of bars that makes you laugh, also the kind of bars that make you get chills, and the kind of bars that leaves you surprise.

Royce is one amazing artist that has develop throughout the years making great music. He has never disappoint me in any album at all.

But in his album Layers he even goes deeper than ever.

This album was the first album he spent a lot of time putting it together. When I heard his album I heard him being emotion and thoughts about his life.

This Royce second solo album since 2011. And I remember seeing an interview of him saying he never wanted to do a solo album again.

It has 17 tracks and out those 17 tracks it has two (skits). It also has features from Melanie Rutherford, K. Young, Loren W. Oden, Pusha T, Rick Ross, Tiara Thomas, and Mr. Porter.

I was a bit disappointed that Slaughterhouse didn’t have a feature on this album because they always do a feature when one of the members does their solo projects.

But other than that the album was amazing just like the mixtape he drop on March 29 2016. Called Don’t Trust the Shooter on Datpiff for free.

People who produce songs were Mr. Porter, AntMan Wonder, DJ Khalil, DJ Painl, Daniel Smith, Epikh, G Koop, J. Rhodes, Jake One Notte, and S1.

I would rate this album five stars because he took his time doing it but at the same time he was working on other projects like “Prhyme, Prhyme Deluxe Edition,” “Glass House” and “Don’t Trust the Shooter.”

He’s already working on a new album called Book of Ryan the album will be very personal.

I could already imagine how that album is going to sound like the rest of his albums.

This album is on my top playlist for 2016.

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