Campus activities leave out evening students

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By Dinah Soto

Success for all students is an important goal to schools. Or so it is believed. 

A vast amount of services are provided throughout each semester that support this statement.

Roaming through the halls during some free time between classes, I notice all of the eye catching flyers.

Pretty images and interesting fonts, promises of free food, and a great time crowd the bulletin boards.

Reminiscing on this spring semester alone, I can name a few. Four year university reps come out often to speak to students regarding transfer.

Rallies, health fairs, job fairs, and free workshops are among the great services provided on campus. Just this week a career fair was held at the South Gate campus.

As someone who is interested in expanding my resume, I felt a sense of excitement. What was even better is that it was on a Tuesday when I’m already at the South Gate campus for a class.

This was a perfect opportunity to boost my success as a student. Unfortunately I did not make it to this event because it ended at 3 p.m.

It all sounds great. Yes, it’s all great for daytime students.

The thing that makes a college campus beautiful is not the physical appearance of the campus.

It is not the buildings. It is not the lawn. It is not the amount of parking spaces available, or lack thereof.

The thing that makes a college campus beautiful is the diversity of the people who occupy the buildings. Those who relax with a good book on the lawn.

Those who park in the parking spaces. Each student has a different story. Each student has a different schedule.

Not all students are available to be on campus during the daytime. Some work nights, while some work during the day. It is this balance that makes our society function.

While they’re all great events that take place on our beautiful campuses. It seems that the events are not balanced as they lean toward one side.

They are geared toward students who are on campus until 3 p.m. Is the success of a student who arrives on campus at 4 p.m. less important than those on campus at 1pm?

Perhaps it is due to convenience, money, or a strategic plan as to when the most students are available that lead event planners to set the cut off time so early.

Nevertheless, to provide all students with equal support, more events need to be planned for evening students.

Let’s balance out our campus events to include all students, both daytime and evening.

Let’s keep our campus beautifully balanced in all areas.


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