Students should be given less homework

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By Naomi Lomeli       

Many students throughout many colleges and universities across the world struggle daily to keep up with their social lives, work and school. Wishing to have less homework to have less stress and catch up with other priorities.

Some students are expected to give their all to school but if we think about it, many are struggling to keep up with their classes. All they want is to come to school to learn to have a better future.

Trying to keep up, many had to isolate from their friends or family to finish their studies. They also spent countless nights staying up late just to pass a test.

ELAC student Yuly Mayorga states “Sometimes I would stay up until two in the morning to finish an assignment. Maybe a lot of students wouldn’t drop or fail a class if they were given less homework.”

Many students are unfortunately not meeting their academic requirements due to the lack of freedom by their classes.

Many of them cannot simply bear too much studying. These people have other responsibilities that need their attention.

Another student, Anthony Cenisneros, says, “Many teachers say that the amount of homework they give is nothing and can be finish quick. But in my opinion it is not true. A lot of students struggle (with their assignments).”

Some students have actually said that getting less homework and more time for themselves had helped them pass a class.

With just having their mind less to worry gives them time to relax and go out and have fun. This helps them later to study in peace and pass their classes.

Yes, of course there might be students who don’t struggle as much as others but if asked individually, they all stressed out a little too much.

That is why these students should be given less homework and more time to distract themselves.

Another reason why a lot of students don’t return to college is because of the stress and too much work given by their professors.

But of course, studying hard every day does pay off. 

Each and every one of these people are struggling to pass their classes, to meet their requirements, to graduate, to get their dream careers.

Besides, they work so hard everyday and wake up everyday early to get to school on time.

They are taking their education serious and that is something to look up to in amaze because most high school graduates do not even think about going to college.

A little help is all they need to really succeed in both at school and in their daily lives and keep a healthy balance between those two. That way they are both happy and also focused on their education.

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  1. It’s also important to note that by starting their homework within an hour
    of getting out of school, it gives them the right amount of time to complete their homework.

    Helping homework regain its utility and helping students shift perspectives on assignments,
    individualized tutoring can eradicate poor habits, encourage the growth
    of lifelong study skills, and create a happier relationship between children and their own education. Tutors are
    great resources to help facilitate advanced understanding of a particular subject matter, but they need adequate
    time to work with you to increase your knowledge.

  2. Our daughter went to a pretty average (that is, urban, mixed-race, with excellent teachers) elementary school in the 90’s and had way too much homework. An hour or two a night for grades 1-3. Worksheets. Being a teacher myself, I was loathe to complain, but finally talked to the principal after a couple of years of this. 10 minutes per grade isn’t a bad rule.

    As a high school English teacher, I give less college homework than most teachers, because they have enough to deal with in their other more factually based (as opposed to process-oriented) classes

    Plus, I am more on the anti-homework side of the fence. Maybe this is because I had to do a report on a different South American country every night for a while in 6th grade, from our bookshelf of World Book Encyclopedias, and still have subconscious scars.

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