Students’ studying abroad should use caution

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By German Rodriguez

For some students the opportunity to study abroad into another region is a lifetime experience.

However, getting prepared is another story. There are students that never left the United States before, some never leaving their home state.

Students are eager to study abroad, however the fact that they don’t know how to prepare themselves contributes to them not going.

A non-profit organization was launched in 2010 by Sheryl Hill. Hill’s organization the Safe Journey Academy is an online service by the Clear Cause Foundation.

Hill’s started this organization after her son Tyler died while participating in people to people study program in Japan.

Hill’s states, “Think of this as a tutorial, teaching safety as well actions should something happen.”

“We never buy a house without understanding the neighborhood… we don’t send our kids into foreign countries without knowing the nearest hospitals are.”

A lot of people not just students when they travel to foreign place, don’t know where clinics, or hospitals are.

Not knowing the surrounding places where the person is going to go can cost someone their life.

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to study abroad.

Hill also mentions that in most countries the emergency number is not always 911.

In order to study abroad, there are in fact different types of requirements depending which university you are attending.

As well depending on which department is hosting study abroad, they may in fact have different requirements as well.

For East Los Angeles College students, if they wish to study abroad, they have to see which department and their requirements.

For the most part, the student will have to at least have a passport in order to travel.

Once the individual has their passport, they have to see which department is offering study abroad.

One might to Spain for example, while another might go to Paris.

After the student knows they have to go the meetings for study abroad to find out much money is will be to go.

Different study abroad might have different financial cost depending which country they are planning to go.

After they have all the information the student then decides which abroad program they plan to go.

Going to another country is both a thrilling moment of excitement, as well it can be very dangerous not knowing the area.

It’s always a good idea for the student to study the area they are planning to go.

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