Casa Garcia serves up flavor in favorite dishes

By Bryce Ronquillo

Casa Garcia’s menu features a wide variety of Mexican favorites, but what has kept customers coming back for over 30 years are the “Best Nachos In Town.”

The title does not disappoint. It all starts with the chips. They are homemade and super crispy: the perfect chips for nachos. The nachos are separated in three categories; Original, Super and Ultimate Nachos.

The Original combines a choice of meat, cheese and guacamole. The Super adds beans and sour cream to the mix. The Ultimate combines chile verde, carne asada, beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, onion and cilantro.

The Super Nachos have the best combination of toppings. The refried beans are very flavorful and the homemade guacamole is very smooth. Jack cheese and the sour cream add the dairy component that every good Mexican dish needs to have.

Casa Garcia has an excellent variety of meats to choose from. None of them are bad choices. The two meats that stand out are the chile verde and the shredded beef.

The pork in the chile verde is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. This is the only meat served in the juice it is cooked in. The juice is very tasty with just enough spice to add flavor to the nachos.

The shredded beef has a pepper flavor that separates it from the other meats. The beef is very juicy and complements the nachos well.

Other meat choices are carnitas, chicken and carne asada. The most disappointing meat was the carne asada, which is average. The meat is rough and not very flavorful.

This is a problem because carne asada is arguably the most popular choice of meat at any Mexican joint in Southern California. Customers are better off ordering the delicious chile verde or not getting a meat.

The nachos are very affordable for students, considering the portion size. Styrofoam containers are filled to the brim with nachos, which can feed up to two people. Originals cost between $7.25-$7.95 depending on meat choice, Supers, between $9.25-$9.95 and Ultimate Nachos cost $11.95.

Half orders are also available, however, the container is considerably smaller than the regular order, making it more like a third of the order. Prices range from $4.25-$6.95.

Customers also have the option to french fries substitute for chips for an extra $1.95. Although this is a clever idea for those craving something different, the nacho chips are the better choice.

The fries are thick-cut, not great quality and get soggy quickly when paired with toppings, such as chile verde, beans or sour cream.

Although the nachos are the headliner to this restaurant, Casa Garcia offers other Mexican favorites such as burritos, tacos, tortas and quesadillas.

Tacos could be ordered on soft or hard-shell tortillas. The hard-shell tacos with shredded beef is the best choice.

The venue can seat around 40 people, but there is no air conditioning, so it gets very hot inside.

Take out is recommended, however, when the nachos sit too long in the container, the chips get soggy. They are best when eaten right away.

Casa Garcia is often packed with people and lines are long. For customers who are looking to avoid long waits, there is a Casa Garcia app available in the Apple Store and Google Play for free.

The app is very organized and easy to operate. Ordering is easiest through the app.

Casa Garcia has been serving the people of Pico Rivera and surrounding areas since 1978.

Now run by a third generation family, the original recipes remain the same.

Casa Garcia is located at 8528 Whittier Boulevard, Pico Rivera, in a stripmall next to Cinepolis Theaters.

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