Comic book comes to life

By Dorany Pineda

AMC’s adaptation of “Preacher,” the 1990s comic book series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon,  kicked off its gory, gleeful and darkly comedic pilot episode on Sunday night.

The series premiere opened with a scene in an African village where a preacher is giving a sermon and is suddenly, violently interrupted by some mysterious force that knocks him to the ground.

As he stands in front of  a crowd of believers who just witnessed what they deem a miracle, the preacher says, “I am the prophet. I am the chosen one,” and then explodes into tiny bloody bits that spew onto the faces and bodies of a terrified swarm of church-goers.

At this point, the tone for “Preacher” is set. Immediately after the viewer meets Jesse Custer the Preacher, played by Dominic Cooper, the protagonist whom the storyline centers on.

The audience  learns that Custer returns to the small town of Annville, Texas, to fulfill a promise he made to his now-deceased father, of following in his saintly footsteps.

As the episode progresses, the viewer begins to learn more about the character and his religious convictions.

The more exciting scenes in the pilot, however, don’t involve Custer, but a drunken Irish vampire named Cassidy, played by Joseph Gilgun, and Custer’s gun-toting ex-girlfriend, Tulip O’ Hare, who’s played fantastically by Ruth Negga.

Enough happens throughout to keep viewers engaged, and the supernatural ending involving Custer and a newfound power will surely have the audience tuning in for more.

“Preacher” airs Sundays on  AMC  at 7 p.m.

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