Coping with the death of a loved one

By Diego Olivares

To lose someone who’s close to you can be one of the most painful feelings a person can experience.

This is something that can occur to anybody at any point of his or her life. Be honest, it’s an event that we all have to deal with, as painful as it sounds.

Many of us go through life without thinking about the time a loved one could pass.

There’s an innocent thought that our loved ones will be around for a long time.

In reality, this thought is not true. Death is something that could strike at any moment.

Imagine waking up one day and everything is going well. Work is fun for a change, you’re hanging with friends, in short, it’s a happy day.

Then a family member or friend comes over to your place with bad news. He or she  informs you that a loved one has passed on.

Suddenly a strange feeling begins to take over your body.

You feel like you’re unable to move and unable to think.

You want to say something, but you can’t. Some begin to deny this truth as reality.

In their heads, they feel that this information has to be false, but it only takes a few moments for the truth to set in.

From here, the sadness begins to enter emotions, but for others, it’s different. Depending on how close you were to the dearly departed, there might be a different reaction to the news.

However, it hurts when you’re very close to the person. This is a thought that haunts me sometimes.

One of my biggest fears is to lose someone close to me. I honestly would break down into complete sorrow if this were to take place.

To be a college student while something like this were to occur would be difficult. I remember when I was in middle school, I saw a documentary series about college students.

One of the students in the series had lost a loved one.

I remember, even at a young age, being haunted by her breaking down over the death of her loved one.

The series later stated that this student took some time off to deal with her grief. She later dropped out of school.

Losing a loved one during college is a tragic event. College is designed for people as a way to help begin their lives.

Receiving news about the death of a friend or family member creates emotional turmoil.

We come to college to start our lives and to lose someone close brings a dark reminder that our lives will one day end.

It makes me realize how precious our lives, futures and dreams truly are.

I thought about this recently, as I had just come out of a dark period, myself. This included losing my uncle in April, something that tragically caught me by surprise.

I was saddened by the loss and I was feeling an emotion that I’ve felt twice in my life, both during the times I’d lost both my grandmas. I felt strange for a few days, aware of my own mortality.

I remember going to both East Los Angeles College and work during that period and just felt weird, and to be honest, scared.

The event made me think about what I’ve done with my life and what I haven’t done yet. This was during an intense period of my life and it just made things feel more emotional.

I feel that there are ways to cope with grief. We should not go through grief alone. People should reach out to other love ones.

This includes those close to the love one who has passed on. They will need all the emotional support they can get during this dark time.

During this time, I’d reached out to my best friend who offered me emotional support. She told me that no matter what, we should always remain close to those we love, both friends and family.

It is this advice that I offer to you all, no matter what troubles you have, always remain close to your loved ones.

As mentioned before, one could never know when his or her last day could be. We have to treat each moment we have with them as close as possible like it’s the last

The death of a loved one is painful and hard, and when it occurs, we must not forget about them.     

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