Caffé offers healthy choices for customers

By Daniela Jalteco

Eating healthy has never been so tasty.

Urth Caffé is known for serving health-conscious organically sourced meals, desserts, coffees, teas and smoothies.

Urth Caffe was founded in 1989 by Jilla and Shallom Barkman originally selling non-toxic health conscious natural products for the home.

After meeting an organic coffee farmer they branched out selling Heirloom coffee.

The Heirloom coffee plant is extremely rare, never being genetically modified. This is very special as coffee is one of the most heaviest chemically treated food commodities in the world.

Urth Cafes founders discovered many destructive practices surrounding the coffee industry. So they set out to create a coffee holistically organic and grown with no genetic modification in an environmentally sustainable way.

After spending several years learning to roast and brew great coffee the result was the launch of ‘Urth Cafe’ in 1991.

The name “Urth Caffé” was chosen because “urth” is an old Welsh root spelling of earth and “caffé” is Italian for coffee. It was chosen to represent the cafe’s earthy whole foods and organic coffee that is served.

With its classical bright architecture and design Urth Cafe has become an oasis of healthy clean eating within an bustling crowded city. With a great range of fresh, organic, whole foods shown through its wide variety of sandwiches, salads, pizzas, desserts, drinks and soups on its menu.

Each and every ingredient is organic and sourced from environmentally sustainable resources and farms.

Rarely uncrowded, Urth Caffé is a lively place. With its homely, unique style, and upbeat staff the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Urth Cafe has succeeded in its goal to provide a welcoming environment. Customers can slow down and enjoy a holistic meal within the busy City of LA.

The friendly servers and hosts instantly greet every customer entering the café making its ambiance a welcoming one. With a light, healthy food menu Urth Cafe provides a tasty whole food menu, attracting a health conscious crowd.

“You can literally taste the difference” stated one customer eating a grilled chicken pesto salad.

The salad is a healthy, light meal and is made with organic mixed greens, sliced grilled chicken, crisp lettuce and sweet red cherry tomatoes dressed with Urth balsamic vinaigrette served with slices of sourdough bread on the side.

This is just a sample of a wide range of salads, sandwiches and pizzas on the menu.

Along with Urth Cafe’s famous coffees and teas, they have many smoothies and juices completely customisable catering to every need and taste bud. Along with Urth’s fresh organic ingredients these juices and blends are sure to satisfy.

All the desserts on its menu are baked daily and each pastry has its own unique pleasant taste. Their most popular on the menu being the banana cream pie.

The pie is made with fresh, sliced bananas filling the inside and the outside is covered with sweet cream and sprinkled with chocolate bits on top.

If in the mood for a healthy meal and a lively atmosphere visit any one of Urth Caffé’s six locations throughout Los Angeles.

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