Cellphone usage take hold of students

by Johanna Calderon

Students are more focused on social media than paying attention in class. When they’re in class, they can’t seem to let go of their phones for hours.

Chris Turk is an art instructor at East Los Angeles College and he sees how phones take control of his students. Turk has been working at East Los Angeles College since 2001 and he didn’t see problems with the phones before, but now he sees phones out every day.

One of Turk’s classes is ceramics and he has to demonstrate how to sculpt with clay for assignments. But if the students are not paying attention, they miss important lectures that students need to know when they put their projects in the kiln.

For example, students need to wedge the clay to break air bubbles the clay can have. If the clay is not wedged enough, it can explode in the kiln.

“It is distracted when the student’s phone on. Every day.” Turk said.

When he started to teach in 1997, he didn’t have to worry about students being on social media, but today the students depend on it. Back then there wasn’t a lot social that students did not get distracted by it.

Some students take painting class and at the end the semester, the professor Jim Uyekawa who is one of art professor at ELAC, critiques their work. Other students also give feedback on the work, but when a student is on his or her phone, it’s extremely rude not give their full attention.

Students report their professor because the professors address taking the phone out during class time.

“I had a student who I was (having a) discussion (with) about their grades and the , when the person answered) their phone and start(ed) to have a conversation” say Linda Wilbu Children Development professor.

If a professor did that to the students, they would get really angry because the professor is not giving them attention. Students would go to the Dean and complicate on what the professor is doing to the class.

If students want to be doctors, but they don’t pay attention on what they need to know. The good thing is that they are using dumb instead real people because in a live scenario the person could kill someone.

When the students are walking to class, they end up running into people because they don’t pay attention

ELAC has some part of campus still construction going and students have to be careful, but not they will get hurt in the process because the students are walking and they are not pay attention where they are going.

It seems like they are zombies, because they’re so glued to their cellphones and when their phones die, students are looking for an outlet so they can charge them. In the P2 building theater department, the plugs are locked so other students can’t use them.

Most of the students have used the phone when they are bored or the professor is putting the students to sleep, but still, they need to be respectful of the class and other students who want to learn.

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