Students find way of overcoming finals

By Daniela Jalteco

Finals are the most difficult part of the semester in a college student’s life.

As the semester starts coming to an end, all the professors start to bring up the finals that students have to take.

Final cause stress, it causes students to stay up all night to study. Many times, causes students to sacrifice being social with friends by staying in to study.

In other cases it causes the students to miss out on important family events.

The final usually being a great part of the student’s class grade, students feel a lot of pressure.

Unfortunately the college life comes with this hard obstacle of having to take a final and actually passing it for the sake of their grade.

The professors at all the college campuses should prepare all the students. It should be done way before the last two weeks of school, like most professors do.

The professors should also cover all of the questions that will be on the final to better assist the students.

They also need give students an idea of what to expect of the final. They should just give their students the final and expect them to know what they’ll be given.

Instead of giving the students a very short amount of time to prepare for the final, they should give the students much more than two weeks to study.

This will give all the students a better shot at getting a passing grade.

Being a student is not as easy as it seems. It comes with a lot of studying, hard work, stress, sacrifices, and dedication.

The professors should take all of that into consideration. They need to make it just a bit easier for students by giving them more time and a better idea of the final.

It would give the students a little break and would take a huge load off of their shoulders.

When the students know finals will be coming up they should better prepare themselves by studying ahead of time.

They should study with time and by portions instead of studying last minute. It will save them from the all nighters and it will be a lot less stressful.

Students should have study sessions with other classmates to help each other out. They should work together as a team to help each other achieve the goal they are all trying to accomplish.

The students should get plenty of rest the day before the final so that they can wake up fresh and ready to ace it.

Finals are inevitable and all the students will have to experience the pressure of having to pass it.

It doesn’t always have to be short and limited on time when its comes to educating themselves for the final.

They need to make it easier on themselves by making time to study weeks prior to the final.

That way when the day of the final comes, they will go through the process like nothing. The student will pass it and of course pass the class.

The hard work, studying, pressure, stress and commitment to pass the final will pay off. The student will survive the final and enjoy their summer break stress free.

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