New building brings changes, math and science building joins the ELAC campus

By Gustavo Buenrostro

East Los Angeles College has completed the latest addition to the campus with the new math and science building.

“The building is nice. The open space makes it feel less like a community college and more like a university. It’s fancy,” said student Vivian Reyes.

Reyes also says that the lighting makes students more motivated to study and come to school.

Students in science classes especially appreciate the new building. Students are saying they like the bigger space in the classes and the cleanliness.

“The new building looks very modern and the labs more conducive. The new rooms feel more comfortable. The building is a definite improvement from the old bungalows. They were built in the 1940s, enough said. I mean the tiles were falling from the ceiling,” said Professor Frank Ow.

The building includes new labs which have gas and vacuum lines, which are essential in some of the classes held in G5.

“In the old buildings, students would have to keep the water running to create a vacuum for 10, 20, up to 30 minutes,” said faculty member Elle Clarke. “Now they don’t have to do that. Teachers also benefit from this building too because they now have access to more modern technology, like the multi media carts.”

Teachers from the math department appreciate being more centralized, so that students don’t have to run back and forth through campus.

Math Professor Khosrow Daraei likes the building but says a room is just a room and for him it doesn’t matter what kind of room he teaches in.

Some have complained that a few doors don’t work properly by not opening all the way. However, according to BuildLACCD, the construction company who worked on this project, this is normal for new buildings and the company also encourages feedback, so that they can make the improvements that are put on the lists.

Construction in the school is not yet finished. More buildings are expected to be built by fall 2017.

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