Budget committee prepares for department requests

 By Russell Zazueta

Unfunded augmentation requests were under review during a meeting held by the East Los Angeles College Budget Committee on Monday.   

These requests for the 2016-2017 fiscal year will be presented before the ELAC Shared Governance Council (ESGC) to vote on.

A UAR is when a department chair needs an increase in their department’s budget, needs more materials and supplies or needs to add faculty or staff to their department. These requests are then submitted to a subcommittee for review and then given to the budget committee to review.

ELAC Academic Affairs Vice President Laura M. Ramirez, said that $2 million of unused funds, left over from the 2015-2016 fiscal year, rolled over into the current budget.

The budget committee has agreed to use this money for funding ELAC departments. The deadline for all UAR is Sept. 30.

During the meeting, Academic Senate Co-chair Jeffrey Hernandez, expressed his concern that departments need to be more specific or give more information to the subcommittee on what funds will be used for.

“We need information from deans on those requests. Requests come in from left field, right field . . . and sometimes there may be   some background information that we’d be clueless on,” said Hernandez.    

The budget committee has assembled a prioritized list of UAR. Lines are numbered from one to 10, with one being the biggest priority and 10 being the lowest priority. The box of numbers are broken up into four tiers.

If requests fall into the first two tiers, then those requests will likely be approved by the ESGC.

The information written under tier three, however, claims the college should research these needs to determine a logical basis .

The research criteria has yet to be determined.

Tier three includes the personnel and tutoring category which landed requests from departments such as athletics, physics, theater into tier three. Departments here have until Oct. 17 to report back to the budget committee with its research completed.

ELAC’s budget committee faces challenges about how ELAC will go about comparing department research to other departments requesting needs in the same category.

Hernandez said it is difficult to compare one department’s needs to others. “The college needs to research this,” said Hernandez.      

Tier four will not be funded, but it individually outnumbered the other three tiers with funding requests for a total of $1,621,027. The combined sum of the first three tiers was $1,732,547.

The budget committee moved on and ended the meeting to discuss the opening day budget. This is for training the workforce and helping professional development for full-time staff and faculty.

Opening day expenses for next year sum to $33,493.09. A member of the committee suggested that $30,000 be added to ELAC’s budget for the event instead of raising funds through fund centers. The budget committee passed the motion by unanimous vote.

The List of UAR and plans for opening day to be funded by ELAC’s budget will be presented to the ESGC Sept. 26 in G1 301A.         

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