Film Review: ‘No Manches Frida’

By Johanna Calderon 

No Manches Frida is an extremely funny and deceiving comedy that keeps the audience laughing.

This movie is a remake of German film “Fack ju Göhte”, a derivative of the German version in terms of the setting and scenarios. The films music track went well with the story, featuring a mixture of both English and Spanish songs that keep the movie flowing.

Directed by Nacho Velilla, starring Omar Chaparro and Martha Higareda, the plot of the movie revolves around a class of students that are a rebellious group refusing to listen to authority.

Leaving no teachers wanting to teach the class.

No Manches Frida is not meant for children, as it displayed drugs and some sexual content, but the movie will keep the audience laughing from beginning to end. The insult jokes and profanity make the humor of the film.

Zequi, played by Chaparro seeks money hidden in the school. Zequi disguised as a substitute teacher, searches for the money as he continually lied to Lucy played by Higareda. They go through a roller coaster adventure on what is right and wrong.

Zequi is shown the ugly world of the rebellious students and sees the danger of teaching in this tough environment. Chaparro changes his view of the rebellious group and is inspired to teach with tough love in hopes of making something of the students.

Despite Chaparro’s efforts, the students do many devious things to get rid of Zequi, but with the help of Lucy they both change student lives.

Chaparro did a well at playing the bad teacher, while Zequi did not take crap from anybody. The things he goes through from beginning of the movie shows how tough he is and why no one is messing with him.

Despite Zequi’s rough exterior, he does show his sensitive side of the character. Students realize that they can be better people even when Zequi deceivingly tries to find money.
Overall, it was a hilarious film that will be enjoyed by many.

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