Students parents build network through new club

By Dorany Pineda 

The new Motivated Parents on the Go Club aims to provide a network of support for student – parents and their specific needs.

The MPOG strives to increase the success of parent – scholars who are pursuing educational degrees for themselves and their families.

It offers support groups, motivational speakers, various topic discussions, group study sessions, resource referrals, help with the transfer process, trips to California State Universities and University of California campuses and monthly family events.

So far, the motivational speakers that have visited the meetings are people that have gone to school and dealt with the pressures of balancing multiple responsibilities at once, but accomplished their goals.

Christine Lopez, President of the Motivated Parents on the Go Club, started the club with Vice President Dan Stevens after meeting in a psychology class.

“It’s hard to find that person that sympathizes with you and can talk to you about it (being a parent and a student),” Lopez said.

As parents, they related on the stresses and demands of being both a student and a parent, and realized that support groups for them were nonexistent.

“It’s hard to go to school and then go home and have to deal with homework and everything.”

“And you have that guilt, especially when you’re working, going to school and have kids, that you’re taking time away from your kids, and it hurts,” Lopez said.

Lopez and Stevens then decided to create their own club so they could be each other’s emotional support system and help others alike.

They hope to find more resources that could benefit all of them. Lopez spoke about her inspiration behind the name of the club.

“There’s no stopping. There’s no off switch when you’re a parent,” Lopez said about coming up with the Motivated Parents on the Go Club name.

Though the club is meant to appeal to parent – scholars at ELAC, Lopez and Stevens decided to expand it and make it a support for all students because, as Lopez said, “everybody goes through stuff.”

Meetings are held on Tuesdays in the F5 building and alternate between rooms 209 and 219.

Meetings are also occasionally held off campus on Saturdays at various locations to accommodate the lives of certain students. Club members are encouraged to bring their children to these weekend gatherings.

For more information on the Motivated Parents on the Go Club, email or visit their facebook page at mpgclubofelac.

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