Saving innocent lives

By Daniela Jalteco

Supporting Proposition 66 will endanger many innocent lives, and voting yes on Proposition 62 will save those lives.

Prop. 66 aims to speed up the appeals process from conviction to execution, as a result it would give those who are wrongfully convicted less time to prove their innocence.

The Death Penalty Information Center informed that, between the 1990’s and 2015,149 death row inmates in the United States were exonerated, and on average those exonerated served at least 14 and a half years in prison.

Prop. 66 will ensure that every person sentenced to death row is executed, and it will eliminate the five years (sometimes more years) of time that is given for appeals.

Speeding up the process will only increase the risk of executing the innocent.

The Death Penalty Information Center provides studies that show capital punishment has consistently failed to demonstrate that executions deter people from committing murder or other horrendous crimes.

Those studies indicate that in the U.S., the states without the death penalty have a lower murder rate than those states with the death penalty.

The purpose of the death penalty is to condemn to death those who commit horrendous acts of murder.

This demonstrates that the system is contradicting its whole point by executing people. They’re main objection is not to kill, but they kill the convicted. Execution will not stop others from committing such crimes.

Prop. 66 will cost taxpayers 10s of millions of dollars.

It proposes changes that will be more expensive and complicated There are costs for anybody necessary in assisting to conduct the execution, for the physicians and the inmate’s lawyer.

The execution process is a lot more expensive and complicated than having the inmates in jail without parole.

Since 1978, California taxpayers have paid $5 billion toward the death penalty. On average, that is more than $384 million per execution.

Prop. 66 is so flawed that it is impossible to know all the hidden costs it will bring for California taxpayers.

Prop. 62 will completely abolish the death penalty, and instead have the accused sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Under Prop. 62, inmates sentenced to life in prison will be required to work to pay restitution to the families of the victims.

Inmates who are found guilty of murder will work while in a state prison and have up to 60 percent of their pay be deducted for any debts they owe to the families of the victims.

Killing the murderer has no purpose. The families of the victims will not be given back the family member who was killed. The families deserve to be compensated in some way.

Having the person who committed the crime work and pay the families of the victim is a much better form of punishment.

Prop. 62 will finally end a failed system and will put a stop to tragic mistakes that have been made in the past and will make sure that these incidents never occur again.

The proposition will save the innocent lives of those who are currently facing death row for something they did not do.

Prop. 62 will save California taxpayers $150 million a year, according to the Legislative Analyst’s office. states that the death penalty costs 18 times as much as life in prison without parole.

Those in favor of Prop. 66 believe that sentencing someone to life in prison without parole is inhumane, cruel, and unusual punishment.

The only thing inhumane is supporting Prop 66. Killing people for whatever crime they committed is not a form of punishment.

The best way to punish those who are guilty is by leaving them behind bars for the rest of their lives.

Vote yes on Prop. 62, and vote no on Prop. 66.

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