Brazilian buffet offers diverse foods

By Jordan Elias 

There are many places to go to eat dinner on the weekend, but there is one place in particular, named the By Brazil, that serves many unique and delicious foods.

The restaurant is a Brazilian Restaurant located in Torrance, 30 minutes away from East Los Angeles College. The restaurant presents a buffet-style taste of dishes from Brazil.

People pay approximately $30  each, and eat whatever they want as many times as they want.

The rustic interior gives the restaurant a simplistic feel, which is welcoming to guests.

To get a refill, guests have to pay each time they want some more soda, wine or beer, but don’t have to pay for refills of Lemonade. 

For entrees, people can choose between cheese bread, fried plantains, polenta (which is like corn), all types of salad, toasted garlic bread and yucca.

Fried plantains are recommended, but not for people that have health problems because of the amount of oil in the food.

In this restaurant, people can eat different Brazilian foods, such as Feijoada.

The pork is juicy, and people like it more because in other restaurants can be too dry.

People can eat picaña, which is a type of beef, chicken, garlic meat, Brazilian sausage and chicken wrapped in bacon.

Lettuce, onion, cheese, beets, cucumber, tuna and tomato cherry can be added.

Brazilian sausage is different than American, it is shorter and smaller.

The chicken wrapped in bacon is the speciality of the house.

The deliciousness and size of the portions will not fill up a customer’s appetite. 

By Brazil is located at 1615 Cabrillo Ave, in Torrance.

By the time guests are finished with their meals, they will have no more room in their stomachs.

Specialists in gourmet food, think that the grease gives the meat a touch of flavor.

All in all, it is a good plan to go with friends or family to have a great meal.

The price of the buffet is good because it contains  a lot of different kinds of foods.

During the week, the restaurant is open from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

On Saturdays and Sundays, however, the restaurant is open from noon-8:30 p.m.

By Brazil is not too big of a building, but it contains enough room for guests to sit comfortably.

Visiting the restaurant is a good plan for the weekend.

The restaurant is located on 1615 Cabrillo Ave in Torrance.

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