Campuses see increase in crime

By Rogelio Alvarez 

East Los Angeles College and the South Gate Educational Center has seen an increase in  reported bike and car thefts, vandalism, traffic collisions and other incidents last month.

Several students reported their car batteries stolen at the South Gate Educational Center back parking lot, others had their bikes stolen on the main campus and a car in the P4 Parking Structure had profanity written on the door with permanent marker.

These incidents are just some of the activity that occurred during October according to the ELAC Sheriff’s Station Daily Crime Log. The daily crime log is available for the public upon request at the ELAC Sheriff’s Station.

ELAC Sheriff Station Deputy Adolfo Pastrano recently published a community warning bulletin on the Sheriff’s page on the ELAC website about car burglaries at South Gate campus.

According to the bulletin, South Gate’s back parking lot on Southern and Calden streets has been targeted by a series of vehicle burglaries where car batteries were stolen.

“We’ve increased the amount of personnel and increased patrol checks,” Pastrano said.

Pastrano suggested people should lock their vehicle and park back-in against the wall.

The reported stolen bikes occurred at the E7 and E1 buildings on Oct. 13 and 24, respectively.

“I recommend students buy u-locks because they’re tougher to cut,” Pastrano said.

Car-related crimes have been reported on the main campus as well. In a span of three days there were several car-related incidents.

A hit-and-run was reported in the P3 Parking structure on the Oct. 19. On Oct. 20, a traffic collision occurred on the 2nd level of the P3 Parking Structure and another car was vandalized. The very next day a vehicle was reported stolen in P4 Parking Structure.

“Students feel unsafe walking to the parking lot alone, so we increased security on campus,” Pastrano said. Students can also request to be escorted to their vehicles.

ELAC has an alert registration system for emergencies. Anytime a major incident occurs, the school notifies students, staff and faculty through text and email.

Not all incidents are reported through the notification system. Last Monday, an alarm went off in the E7 Technology Center around 10 a.m. Although sheriff’s later confirmed someone allegedly pulled an alarm, many students, faculty and staff were not notified of what happened.

“Anytime there’s an alarm it should be taken seriously,” ELAC Administrative services Associate Vice President Bill Gaspar said.

Gaspar said that ELAC recently tested its alarms and have improved. Both Corporate Center and South Gate campus alarms were successfully tested too.

With increased incidents on both campuses, Gaspar offered several safety tips.

“Always be aware of your personal surroundings, avoid walking alone and be aware of your personal belongings,” Gaspar said.

Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Sheriff’s Station at (323) 265-8800. The Sheriff Station is located in the Stadium B5-104.

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