Four goals scored on women’s soccer in loss

By Jordan Elias 

The women’s soccer team lost 4-0 against Chaffey College at home last Friday.

All the goals were scored in the second half after the first half ended in a tie 0-0. East Los Angeles College had their third straight loss after this game.

“Today’s game wasn’t one of our best, we played hard all first half and were tied 0-0 and in second half, once they scored the first goal I felt we put our heads down,” ELAC sophomore midfielder Stephanie Rojas said.  

The first half was hard for ELAC. Chaffey created many opportunities, which forced ELAC to play more defensive.

Husky sophomore goalkeeper Penelope Roman blocked several shots on goal. ELAC wasn’t able to score in the first half, but didn’t allow Chaffey to score either.

The first 10 minutes of the second half were the key of the game. Chaffey Forward Skyla Wilson scored in the 51st minute after an assist from Victoria Stroman. Five minutes after, Shaday Daniels scored after an assist from Alejandra Valadez.

“In the half time, the head coach said that we were doing really good because last time we played them in first half, we were already down 3-0, but after the game she just said that we put our head down when they scored the first goal,” Rojas said.

The previous game, ELAC played against Chaffey, ELAC lost 6-0.

“I think that we can´t give up after the other team scores. They are one of the best teams, but we are good too. We can´t get frustrated when the planning of the game doesn´t work,” Husky freshman Jazmine Saldana said.   

Chaffey found weaknesses in the ELAC defense to penetrate it.

Emma Burgos was the key of the game, she scored the 3-0 goal in the 70th minutes after an assist from Brianna Fonseca, and the 4-0 in the 82nd after assist from Alissa Padilla.

ELAC returned with the lack of ability to score. In the last six games, ELAC has scored just twice.  

“Hopefully we can fix the problems that the team has, like finishing the plays and the mentality to the Tuesday game against Rio Hondo,” Saldana said.  

Huskies tied yesterday 1-1 at Rio Hondo College, after being ahead in the first half.

ELAC now stands 1-11-6 in the season. Their next game will be this Friday at 4 p.m. at El Camino – Compton Center.

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