ASU meets at South Gate campus

By Johanna Calderon

The Associated Student Union meeting was held at the South Gate campus to continue to charter clubs in one of the classroom .  Club members have to have all the forms complete for them to get the 500 dollar by  6pm last Friday or they lose the opportunities of get the full fund. If they miss the deadline. The members have to make sure they have everything ready.

When the clubs get charter someone from the club have the  represent and tell what’s the club about. If they don’t show up when the clubs is getting charter, even when they have all the forms fill out correctly they might show up and to get certified that state are charter. When they don’t show up the lose it. They get another opportunity to be charter, but it will be less money for club.

There some of the clubs who were not on the lines but the got the opportunity get represented the club and talk about the club what their purpose. ASU give them an opportunity to speak out when clubs had to have of the paper done

One of the topics discussed was the funding of the club are requesting. For example, if a club wants to go on to a trip they have to present a proposal and members of ASU vote to approve or reject it.

The hot discussion the members had was to have the food give out, but it was hard to decide because they have to do the same thing on both campuses to be fair. It was difficult because they weren’t  sure to have health foods it was right choice. It can be expensive to bring to both of the campus, but they were able to figure the situation.  

“Students maybe not want because some students prefer a hamburger.” Led Vera said.

In addition the members would worry about the experience because if members get the food and students don’t get the opportunity of recieves for them.

The members were undecided it was for the votes to decide and with the have of the ASU adviser Sonia Lopez to guided them to the right choice the Benefit the whole body students.

Areli Vargas, the ASU Chief Justice, brought of the topic discussion about domestic violence and have some things that can support the causes because the people who survive domestic violence and are keep fighting for the others of need of help.

The last part of the meeting the ASU members discussed if they  want to go a at training but some didn’t want to go because it was going to be repetition for them. This training for  nine college to be able to provide best service for students body.

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