Documentary produced-Leonardo DiCaprio focuses on ecological future

By Dorany Pineda 

Fisher Steven’s documentary “Before the Flood,” produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, takes an in-depth look at planet earth’s terrifying trajectory into an apocalyptic ecological future.

A bleak, but poignant, insight into a nightmarish time, the film is a vivid portrait of the beauty and fragility of life on our planet, and all that is at risk if we don’t care for it.

“Before the Flood” is incredibly persuasive in its message of needing to take action to change the dire effects human production and their systems of energy are having on our planet. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary of State John Kerry,w Al Gore and activists, top NASA researchers, nature conservationists ands scientists.

Though it reiterates a lot of information that much of the public already knows about global warming, it offers some tangible solutions that people can apply to their lifestyles to reverse the grim fate our planet is headed towards.

One of the first locations DiCaprio and his crew visit is the Arctic Circle, where we see first-hand what is happening to the world we live in.

The rapidly melting ice caused by global warming is causing significant increases in ocean water levels.

We see the rising water levels in South Florida, where the urgent attempts by Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine to prevent what they call “sunny-day flooding” (in which sea water backflows through drains and floods the streets) are exceedingly more dire.

We see coral reefs dying due to the massive amounts of carbon emissions that the oceans absorb.

Ecosystems that took half a billion years of evolution to create.

We see climate patterns becoming harsher, more dangerous and more destructive.

The documentary takes viewers, for example, to an onion plantation in India that got half of a year’s rainfall in five hours.

In five hours, a crop that many people depended on for their livelihood was completely destroyed.

The cinematography is both breathtaking and disturbing.

Birds-eye shots of lush rainforest landscapes in Indonesia emphasize the vast, fertile beauty on our planet.

The camera then cuts to reveal massive deforestation and a large fire set by farmers in order to create palm oil plantations.

Though it might seem somewhat ridiculous that the Academy Award-winning DiCaprio is leading the climate-change movement, the amount of screentime he gets and his involvement in the movement feels like a conscious act to attract viewers. And it does so successfully.

Within a week of its release on YouTube, more than 11 million people have watched the documentary.

The entirety of “Before the Flood” is available to watch on YouTube.

For more information on climate change and what you can do to help, visit: or

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