Cheaper Men’s Fashion Alternatives

By Collin Ho Kumamoto

Keeping up with the latest trends in men’s fashion does not come easy to some, especially when the price tags are over $100.  Luckily stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Pacsun exist to make men’s fashion more accessible to the general public.  The retail stores i had mentioned above can be found at local shopping centers such as Montebello Town Center and Santa Anita Mall or online.

Hats are a big part of men’s fashion because ideally a man does not always have time to style his hair and look presentable.  A hat is a valuable staple piece to men and it is important to have at least one “go-to” hat when you need to leave the house quickly.  Types of hats that are popular are baseball caps often referred to as “dad caps” for their vintage aesthetic.  Baseball hats can be found at Pacsun for approximately $25 and can range up to $40.  However it is a worthy investment for its timelessness.  Another trending hat in modern “high end” fashion are fedoras.  Fedoras can cost up to $700 when designed by big names such as Saint Laurent.  Urban Outfitters offers fedoras for under $30.  Those who are on a budget will appreciate saving money while staying stylish.

As the winter season approaches it is important for a man to have a thick jacket.  One popular jacket that has been prevalent throughout the century is the denim jacket.  Denim Jackets from Levi’s could cost someone up to $100 or more.  Forever 21 offers many styles and colors of denim jackets and on average they cost around $35.  

Another popular style of jacket is the bomber jacket.  A bomber jacket is very versatile and is often paired with a hoodie underneath to stay warm and add flare to the outfit.  Bomber jackets vary from designer ones that can cost up to $1,000 to mid range ones that are priced at $100.  Fortunately, Forever 21 offers many styles of bomber jackets for under $40.  

Jeans will always be an essential piece of any man’s wardrobe and depending on preference, men can get their jeans tapered to fit skinny or a more relaxed fit.  There are plenty of choices in jeans and it is important to look into quality and be certain that you are getting the quality you are paying for.  Levi’s denim has a long standing history of being a reliable company who makes quality jeans.  They can be bought from Urban Outfitters or at retail stores in the mall for around $50.  Forever 21, H&M, and Cotton On also sell their own brand of jeans which ranges from $20 to $40.

The final part of your winter outfit we will discuss are shoes.  One brand of shoes that have been extremely popular among the youth demographic are Vans.  The simplistic silhouettes and fair prices have drawn people in for approximately 50 years.  The shoes can range from $50 to $60.  The most popular models would be the classics and authentics.  Vans are popular because of their wide selection of colors and laces to customize the shoe to your liking.

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