The Aftermath of the 2016 Election

by Felipe Rodriguez

It’s almost been two weeks since Donald Trump won the 2016 election and since then many protests have occurred and are continuing to happen. Now on its fifth day of nonstop outrage, protests have reached nationwide levels and showing no end.

On November 8, it was announced that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. Although Trump dominated the electoral vote, his opponent Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Even after everything Trump has said and promised all throughout his campaign, he came out victorious and will be leading our nation for the next four years.

Trump has been the center of attention throughout the entire election. Many of his remarks and comments on immigrants, women, and the LGBT community have stunned the nation. Donald Trump’s stunning win has gained attention worldwide and has sparked a lot of controversy.  

News of a new protest against the event has occurred every day of this week and have ranged everywhere from young and old Americans. The day the announcement was made states like Oregon, Washington, Chicago and New York made headlines with the amount of people that stormed the streets following the event. The amount of frustration and hate against Trump gripped the nation and people all around the world could not deal with the news. Quotes and hashtags like “Not My President” and “Dump Trump” have became nationally popular and have dominated social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

In Los Angeles alone, protests have gone to great lengths to demonstrate the frustration people are feeling against Trump. Starting with the day the initial announcement was made, protesters began to riot on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles and blocked many streets throughout the entire night.

That same day, many college campuses here in Los Angeles also took part in protesting against Trumps big win and have continuously been going on since then. Campuses like UCLA, San Diego State and Los Angeles have made their voices heard with their hate against Trump.

The protests in Los Angeles has even reached high schools with thousands of students walking out of their classrooms to Freeways being occupied. People are not giving up with their frustration and are not ready for the next four years with Trump. These protests have been constantly occurring on daily basis and are still currently on the rave.

Many of these protests are a way to show unity and are a positive thing to many communities. Citizens must do everything they can in order to encourage change when things are going wrong for their community. What is not so great about these events is when protests take violent turns that involve arrests and destruction. Protests are great ways to express frustration in the world but as soon as it becomes destructive, it loses purpose and shows a much darker side to the group that initially started it.

Just the other day, East Los Angeles students wrote on the walls of the E3 building showing their anger and frustration with the countries current status. I personally relate with how they all feel and I see that it is a very uneasy time to be alive.  I am personally both nervous and anxious with what this president is capable of. Trump is literally the pilot of this nation and if he fails, I don’t know how this country will be able to recover.

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