ASU discounts for tea should exist

by Steven Adamo

The ASU discount should be available to both coffee and tea. Tea has roughly half the caffeine content as coffee, but if you are an ASU member who is expecting half off the price, then too bad.

Most students purchase the ASU parking pass to have more parking options, but there are many other benefits like free microwave oven use, discount tickets to Magic Mountain, free snacks during finals and a long list of discounts including half off the $1.50 price tag for coffee.

However, tea which is also priced for $1.50 is not included in these discounts.   

“The ASU had previously sold coffee on their own which probably led to the discount carrying over and not being applied to tea,” the employees of the ASU Student Activities room said.

Though they were unsure as to why the discount was applied to coffee and not tea, they agreed that the discount should be applied to both.

According to Miguel Perez, the assistant manager of the campus bookstore, the discount was implemented by David Horn who ran the cafeteria and bookstore prior to Joyce Garcia who currently  manages the bookstore.

Perez said that management at the time could only choose one refreshment to apply the ASU discount to and since coffee is the popular choice, tea-drinkers (and ASU members) are left paying double for their choice of caffeine intake.

For a daily coffee drinker during an average 12-week semester, that’s $36 per semester spent on coffee compared to a whopping $72 for tea-drinkers – even though it’s the same cups and lids with plain hot water instead of coffee.

If you factor in the cost of the coffee itself, coffee filters and the cleaning and maintenance of the machines is higher compared to tea which only uses hot water and a separate tea bag.

Malibu Bagels, the food truck parked next to the student Library, offers hot water in a cup and lid for 25 cents without a discount. Sometimes they will let you fill up a cup of hot water for free which is a better option if you’re a tea drinker.

The savings continue if you bring your own tea bags to school.

There are many benefits to drinking tea instead of coffee.  

The University of Surrey in the UK conducted a study comparing the sleeping habits of coffee drinkers versus tea drinkers. They found that coffee drinkers had a difficult time falling asleep at night compared to tea drinkers.

Even though both sides felt a similar “alertness” from their drinks, the extra caffeine in their bodies made it difficult to relax at night.

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