‘Bleed for This’ brings amusing battle life

FILM REVIEW - Hollywood drama overdone in the best way.
FILM REVIEW – Hollywood drama overdone in the best way.

By Arely Alejandre

Bleed for this,  a story based on the life of Vinny Pazienza, a boxer who made a great comeback after a car accident leaves him with a broken neck.

A story of overcoming obstacles, a wannabe Rocky Balboa without overdoing it and with humorous undertones. Although it brings up the question of how many times has hollywood done that? However this story is different, in that it isn’t.

Bleed for This, is exactly what to expect. It includes the cliché training sequence and confusing boxing terminology. Although they had people Google searching for the rest of the night, the fact that the writers didn’t try to dumb it down to please general audiences was liberating. I want to adapt to the movie not have the movie tailored to my knowledge.

If a movie is good it’ll keep watching no matter the amount of Google searches, but do try to hold off on Google until after the movie because you might miss a scene or two.  

This is a feel good that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats mostly due to the multiple cinematography angles that create that suspenseful feeling of wanting to know what’s going to happen next in the fights.

Miles Teller brings the character he is playing to life and digs Pazienza’s life story into our hearts because the obstacles that he went through are something most people can all identify with in various forms.  

Miles Teller has never played a character like this before. A beat down underdog who prevails despite all odds against him.

His coach’s encouragement and sometimes even doubt toward Vinny is something that is experienced by many with  friends and family. Sometimes you are the coach and sometimes you are the one in training.

The best part of this film is that it is based on a true story so despite the Hollywood dramatics this actually happened to someone. That is always a remarkable thing to know.

When the world seems to be against us it’s good to just remember that Vinny Paz went back into the ring 8 months after breaking his neck in a car accident.

Whatever match is being fought, you leave the theater feeling like you can conquer the world and more. Even if the whole world is against you. Surprisingly the editing was not bad. With boxing movies it can really go either way. It either has amazing editing or really terrible editing. Sometimes even actions scenes look staged and rigid.  

The transitions were done smoothly there was no jumping from one scene to the other and no hasty jump cuts. Even the boxing scenes were done smoothly without the multiple camera angles being overbearing.

I would recommend Bleed for This if the action-drama hollywood films are your muse. We are all secretly suckers for movies that are about success and overcoming obstacles that seem to be impossible.

All in all the movie was surprising and while I wasn’t too excited about it at first it had me entertained and it had me excited. The lack of fight scenes was disappointing, it is a boxing movie after all. Moral of the story is that most of the fight was internal, in Vinny’s mind and that is a battle worth winning.

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