South Gate is in dire need of a remodel

by Sandy Serrano

Throughout the years ELAC has been steadily beautifying its main campus while its sister campus, South Gate, has stayed the same.

An improvement to the ELAC’s South Gate Educational Center would make a huge impact on its students and faculty. The changes may help students better themselves and strive for a higher education as well as provide more jobs for those who are seeking employment.

The improvements to the appearance of the school’s main campus have made a positive impact on the school and the community it serves. Many modern buildings have been added on campus such as building E3, G5 and F5.

The main campus located in the city of Monterey Park is much bigger now. It not only offers more space for classes but small studying areas within the buildings where students can sit and review their notes before their next class. There are also more sitting areas around campus where students hang out and relax during long gaps between classes.

Some students relax by jamming out on their guitars while sitting on the appealing green grass. The amazing new look of the main campus does not only offer outer beauty, but because of the new construction there are more classrooms available.

More classrooms means there will be more class courses added benefiting students by giving them more opportunities to register for class they need to graduate or transfer. However, this construction does not just benefit students it also benefits teachers by providing new teachers job opportunities.

“The good thing about the construction is that there are going to be offering more classes to students, I mean yeah it looks great but I am trying to get out of here already. That is also good for teachers because there will be more jobs out there for them,”Adrian Aronno, ELAC student, said.

Past ELAC students have also given positive feedback on how they feel about the main campus new look.

ELAC alumni, Jazmine Hernandez, said that she went to ELAC for her AA and explained that the campus does not look as it did back. She felt that campus was unsafe at night due to the lack of lighting. She also mentioned that classroom settings are now much more engaging and less boring.

At times Hernandez wanted to leave the campus entirely because of the uneasy feeling it brought to her but didn’t because she needed to finish her schooling. She came recently to get her transcripts for nursing school and was amazed with the new renovations that have been done. “I wish it had looked this way when I was coming here.” she said.

Hernandez was not the only student who expressed their mind on the new changes to campus.

Jennie Nunez who is a current student and majoring in Animal Science said that she enjoys the end product of the cafeteria. Nunez, who is on campus for the majority of the day finds it more convenient when grabbing her lunch here.

It was always a hassle for her to have to go off campus in search for food, usually it would end up with her losing parking spots that are hard to find in the first place. She also enjoys the fact that there are accessible microwaves for students to use if they brought home cooked meals.

However, with the changes made to ELAC’s main campus, some students have questioned if there will also be a remodel to ELAC’s South Gate campus. Nunez would also like to see similar changes on the South Gate Campus.

“Small, dull, outdated, no parking. If they at least improved the parking in the back that would make a huge difference…,” Nunez said.

Since many students feel that the add on’s to the main campus have turned out so well, then maybe physical improvements to the South Gate campus will also have a positive outcome.

The changes to the main campus has made students feel safer and has encouraged them to want to come to school. Elsy Medina, a Psychology major, said that the new improvements to the campus makes her want to attend school more. She finds the new and improved campus cleaner and even sophisticated.

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