Pokiholics creates buzz among ELAC Community

By Christina Rodriguez

Pokiholic is one of the most recent restaurants to make its appearance in the ELAC community and has caused quite a buzz since its grand opening in September of 2015.

Like most traditional poke places, the restaurant tends to those who have a palette for seafood, savory and scrumptious meals. The poke phenomena has definitely found a home at ELAC.

Pokiholic is located on South Atlantic Ave directly across from our college campus and can be found amongst other nearby restaurants at the Atlantic Square shopping commons. As we all know, location is everything and its accessibility to campus makes for an even better reason to dine here whenever necessary.

For those who consider themselves poke connoisseurs and enjoy the traditional approach to poke; Pokiholic has a traditional poke menu with an assortment of fish, including: salmon, yellowtail albacore.  For the more daring, Pokiholic also offers a very popular alternative, to which ELAC members boast and rave about. Crawfish is the ideal substitute to the traditional poke bowl.

Another favorite amongst Pokiholics, is the sushi rice they offer for their bowls. Although a bit different to the traditional sticky rice that is normally used in poke bowls, sushi rice adds a bit of pizzazz that many find satisfying to their poke palettes.

Of course, like many, if not all restaurants, there are a handful of individuals who consider themselves connoisseurs and are a bit persnickety when it comes to Pokiholics approach to serving poke. However, the general population can agree that Pokiholic is an ideal restaurant for a community that enjoys poke.  

Since its opening, Pokiholic has received a mixture of feedback and emotions amongst Poke fans. Amongst those who approve of the restaurants approach of serving poke, they truly have become pokiholics.


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