British student launches American football career

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By Israel Moreno

Frances Bongwalanga is a student athlete who moved to Los Angeles from East London England to play football for East Los Angeles College. 

 Bongwalanga, 21, is currently a sophomore at ELAC who was offered a full ride football scholarship to West Virginia State University. “

It’s a division II National Collegiate Athletic Association school.”I’m always blessed for the offer” Bongwalanga said.

“It’s a great experience, it’s a great feeling, it’s always great to be noticed and getting my education paid for just for being in football, that’s what I came out here to do.” The East London student stated.

Bongwalanga is not committing just yet, he said he would like to see if any more offers pop up before he accepts the scholarship to WVSU.

Bongwalanga decided to move to the US to play football.

“I started applying to every school in the country and East LA is the only one that hit me back up, and that’s how I ended up in East Los, it’s the best decision I made so far,” Bongwalanga said.

The student athlete said in England they play amateur football.

“We play amateur football in England, it’s not really that big it’s getting bigger and bigger but it’s not as intense or competitive as it is out here,” Bongwalanga  said.

He described amateur football as “ it’s like football where you don’t get paid, just play for fun” Bongwalanga said

He also said living in California is amazing.

“The people are beautiful out here.The people are nice. The weather is beautiful, can’t beat the weather, can’t beat the beach,” Bongwalanga  said.

The International student loves the food in California.

He believes the best burger joints are out here.

He enjoys the appreciation of food and exercise in California.

“It’s great living here, besides taxes and living expenses’ but other than that it’s a great place to live,” Bongwalanga said.

He was not used to getting taxed every time he made a purchase.

“When I first got here I got taxed. I’m not used to getting taxed. I don’t get taxed in England.” Bongwalanga said. 

He explained how he lived in a black and white community in London which was not as diverse as California.

When he got here, he met people who are hispanic or have a hispanic, background, for the very first time in his life.

“I tried Mexican food it was amazing. I went to a taco stand it was bomb,”Bongwalanga said.

The student athlete said he did miss his family at first, but now he is getting used to them being so far away.

He also misses his friends from back home in East London. Bongwalanga’s ultimate goal is to become a professional football player On a National Football League team.

If that doesn’t work out, he plans to become a doctor.

He is majoring in biochemistry and would like to become a neurosurgeon in the future.

Bongwalanga aims high for his future and his goals because he would like to be a great leader and set a good example for his future kids.

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