ELAC basketball coach defies odds


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By Brittney Lee

East Los Angeles College basketball coach, Kenneth Hunter, has been coaching for 14 years.

He may be one of the most well-known basketball coaches in the country.

He is currently helping basketball players perfect their playing strategies and begin their basketball careers.

At a young age, Hunter became paralyzed, putting  a permanent stop to his basketball career.

Hunter was born and raised in Southwest Detroit, Michigan and played at Powerhouse Detroit Southwestern High School, home of the NBA commentator Jalen Rose and Ecorse High School.

Hunter had a difficult upbringing because his mother was always working and his father never around a lot.

He worked various jobs to help his mother with bills and raising his two younger siblings.

By the age of 19, Hunter was well known in his city and was married. He was recruited by major Division One basketball teams.

He received offers to play for D1 basketball teams from Utah State, Loyola Marymount, University of Southern California, and Loyola Chicago to name a few. He was well known by the top coaches around the United States.

While Hunter was going through life changing experiences he was called for duty to serve time in the Army.

Upon his return, he had two years left to pursue a career in basketball due to the association’s regulations.

At this point Hunter realized that if he wanted a                                                 professional career in basketball, he would have to settle for a D2 basketball team.

One day while Hunter was playing with his friends, he bruised his spinal cord and cracked his C-5 vertebrae leaving him instantly paralyzed from the waist down.

At the time of his accident, he didn’t know if he was ever going to be able to play basketball or walk again.

After being evaluated, he learned that his dream of becoming a professional basketball player was over.

Hunter was invited to coach by Richard Wells, who is the head coach of Los Angeles Trade Tech.

Wells invited Hunter because he believed that he would be a great advocate in helping                                impact young adults’ lives through coaching and teaching the ins and outs of leadership skills as a player.

Hunter has been paralyzed for 17 years and his love for basketball lives strong.

Although he was unable to make a living as a professional basketball player, he is able                                                 to be an inspiration to young adults who are interested in becoming professional basketball players.

Hunter says that he is blessed, and lives a healthy and happy life with his wife, Ingrid Hunter, and his five children, Kayla Hunter, Tiana Hunter, Kenneth Jr. Hunter, Ian Hunter, and Quen Hunter.

He enjoys the fact that even though he cannot physically play basketball, he is still able to help and prepare talented young men and women in following their dreams and attending four-year universities

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