Student uses MMA for self-improvement


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By Dalia Valle

Mixed Martial Artist, Robert Vazquez, 19, specializes in Karate and Muay Thai and is a student at East Los Angeles College.

When Vazquez was 16 years old, he weighed 320 lbs and was six feet tall.

Vaquez decided to join an MMA gym to exercise his mind and body. He explained that joining MMA really redirect his life on a healthier path.

Vazquez was never the athletic type and didn’t know any techniques or how to take care of his body after intense workouts.

Within half a year in MMA, Vasquez lost between 30 – 40 lbs and continues to shed off the weight. He is now weighing in at 260 lbs. 

He aspires to further improve his physical health at ELAC. He is currently enrolled in Health 002 with Godinez RJ and Drawing 101.

Vazquez is on his fourth year of practicing MMA and chose to enroll into Health 002 to branch out into a different set of training.

“I am a fan of ELAC and how they value sports and fitness. I thought their gym was a big improvement and it motivated me to want to continue better myself.  I do train a little differently and I think it would be a good idea if they add a self defense class for students,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez believes that more students will be interested in joining a health class to improve their physique if there were more options here at East Los Angeles College.

When asked if he carries the same MMA techniques into his Health 002 class and he said that P.E focuses more on fitness and physique.

He likes to improve exercises he is not experienced with.

Mostly exercises that target a specific parts of the body, for example; biceps or legs. Vazquez claims in MMA there is not an specific area on which body part will be worked out.

MMA challenges the whole body and improves on the ability to pick up on subtle body language.

For beginners who want a challenge and for athletes who want to maintain or further improve their physique Vazquez says that Health 002 is a good way to start.

The P.E instructor Godinez helps his students exercise individually and then develops them further with his group exercises.

Vazquez is also very passionate for art and is pursuing an Arts major while attending ELAC.  He hopes to transfer but is undecided on which college he would like to go to.

He explained how MMA translates into the art of war.

The art of war consist of strategies, techniques, and tactics of combat.

Vazquez connects the ideology of the art of war with his drawings.

Exploring different styles such as american, japanese, tribal, neo traditional, and realism.

“ I was once told never to compare myself with others and their own capabilities. I am not them and they are not me. So I should be proud of my own capabilities.” Vazquez said.

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