Restaurant serves up Asian-Italian infusion

By Christian Horta 

Savoy is where customers receive an adequate amount of food at an affordable price.  It is a great introduction because it’s Asian food but does not feel Asian.  The spot feels like something that could be on the westside of Los Angeles.  The hole-in-the-wall restaurant features Asian food with an Italian twist.

Savoy is best known for their Hainan chicken dish.  It is served over rice and also includes chili sambal sauce, pulverized ginger sauce, as well as dark soy sauce, all on the side.  The chicken is poached and includes a combination of dark and white meat.  Ironically, Savoy charges extra for dark meat only since that’s how it is best served.  The rice is also unique because it is cooked in the same broth that was used to cook the Hainan chicken, which makes it flavour infused.  One of the reasons this dish is very popular is because it is only $7.30.  In addition, the chicken is tender and the chicken to rice ratio is perfect.

Another popular item at Savoy is their curry beef stew.  It is a Malaysian style dish that includes rice or pasta on the side, beef tendon, along with boiled potatoes and topped with fried onions.  The beef and potatoes are in large chunks.   The brisket easily shreds apart with a spoon.  The curry is thick and full with seasoning.  The beef stew curry is $6.95.

Savoy also has an Italian influence.  They have a baked halibut dish with  alfredo cream sauce.  It is served with linguini pasta and mushroom. The mushroom flavor did not overpower the fish.  This is a great crispy fish soaked in the sauce, which includes cheese and hints of garlic.  The pasta is served separately from the fish.  This allows the customer to choose the amount of sauce served over the pasta.  The baked halibut costs $7.95.

In addition, Savoy serves pizza that is unique.  Savoy serves a smoked beef, duck pizza, and a roasted garlic pizza.  The pizza crust is not made from regular pizza crust.  It’s made from potato dough which gives it a fluffy texture.  It has a thick crust, with enoki mushrooms and red onions.  The pizza comes out fresh, as expected.  It takes about 20 minutes to reach your table.  Pizzas price ranges between $7.75 and $10.95.

Savoy features other fusion dishes such as, seafood alfredo pasta, spaghetti pork chops, shrimp rolls, baked escargot, and even fillet mignon.  

Savoy Kitchen is located in Alhambra, which is not far from East Los Angeles College.  It’s on the corner of  Valley Blvd and Monterey St.  It only takes a drive up Atlantic, a right turn There is enough to be able to try something new on each visit.   Parking is provided on surrounding residential streets only.  Savoy is also accessible via Metro bus 260 up Atlantic and Metro bus 76 which runs on Valley.  

Savoy is a place where there is something for everybody.  Service is prompt and kind despite a wait list on weekends and peak hour.  It has that Urth Cafe feeling, where the majority of the dining takes place outdoors, which also makes it dog friendly.  On a cold day, no issues sitting outside due to ceiling-mounted heat lamps.  Servers pass by frequently, automatically refilling beverages or sauce cup for customers’ convenience.  Most first time customers return as regulars since their food is well served.  Bon appetite!

Delicious Favorite– Savoy customers dish of choice has chicken, rice and three different sauces to add extra flavor.

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