Honor society looks to future

By Gustavo Buenrostro

Phi Theta Kappa, or PTK, is an honors society at East Los Angeles College that recognizes students for their hard work and aims to help them grow. Any student can join and become a member.

Their mission statement is, “In our 100 year history, our mission has remained the same, recognizing scholars and preparing them for successful futures.” They are part of the CaliforniaNevada Region of Phi Theta Kappa.

There are 1,300 chapters around the world. The prerequisites to join the ELAC branch of PTK is having a cumulative 3.5 GPA, enrolled in East Los Angeles College, completion of 12 transferable units and a one time membership fee of $65. This club is different from other honor societies or clubs on campus.

PTK has a worldwide reach of about 1.4 million members while other ELAC honors societies have about 300. “PTK offers students a chance to see other academically successful students across the country, raising the expectations of each individual student’s expectation of themselves. There are also many leadership opportunities that are beyond the local communities for students who enjoy a national and global perspective,” said PTK advisor Wooi Ong.

The club at school wants to raise money so they go to an annual PTK convention called Catalyst 2017, where members from all around the world meetup and listen to speakers. Some of the speakers include CEO and president of PTK Dr. Lynn TincherLadner and PTK international president Andrew Porter.

The club is planning events throughout the semester so they can go to Catalyst 2017 in Tennessee from April 6th – 8th. They will also be holding workshops to help with scholarship applications, and everyone is welcome to attend. PTK will have announcements as to when these workshops will take place.

“Our goal is to help students pay for their education. We often center meetings around our students and benefiting their education and career. We plan to host more workshops based around transferring, college applications, and so on,” said Vice President of PTK Shannon Wu. “Students can apply to multiple scholarships who have partnered with PTK to support the best in our country. These scholarships are available for each step of students’ academic pursuits–from Community Colleges, to Bachelors to Graduate degrees.” said Ong.

Ong said that he would like to help students. He has some ideas on working with middle schools and high schools around Monterey Park. He would like to offer tutoring for the students at those schools for a fee.

“I would like to have a place for them to go so they can keep out of trouble. If we charge a small fee, they will have to come because they are paying for it.” Ong said. PTK is currently in the process of getting the project going and are not sure when it will be done.

The club would also like to use hydroponics to grow plants without the need for soil or minerals. Ong says he has tried hydroponics in his own home and was successful. The club is planning where to do it. Due to the club’s president recently transferring they will be holding elections to fill the position of president as well as treasurer and commissioner.

If anyone is interested in joining, meetings will be held in building E3 room 411 at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.

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