Undocumented students face new threat

By Felipe Rodriguez

East Los Angeles College is one of many sanctuary schools that encourage undocumented students to pursue their dreams and even though the current administration is starting to deport illegal immigrants, students should be granted full permission to stay here.

With immigration raids and new policies constantly gaining more and more attention in the news, students that are undocumented find it harder each day to continue working toward their dreams.

The recent arrest of an undocumented student named Daniel Ramirez brought awareness to the new immigration policies that have been put in place under President Donald Trump administration and how unfair they can be against. Ramirez is one of many young individuals that are currently under protection by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival and his arrest has sparked a big scare among many DACA students.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival act is a policy that was brought under former President Barack Obama administration that allows undocumented children to work and study here in the United States for two years.

These new immigration policies that have been all over the news the past couple of weeks are creating an uncertain future for many undocumented students. Many undocumented students nationwide fear that DACA will no longer be able to protect them. DACA students are recommended to lie low due to the high immigration search raids that have been happening all around California. This scare has created a scary time for many undocumented students and are potentially cutting some dreams short.

DACA requires all applicants to undergo a background check and guarantees them that they will be protected if they are ever threatened with deportation.

On top of that, DACA students are closely monitered and are punishable with deportation if they break laws.

This act brought great benefits to undocumented students living here illegally and it continues to allow hundreds of thousands of these individuals the right to work and pursue their dreams in this country.

DACA is possibly one of the greatest bills this country can offer to young immigrants. This bill encourages young undocumented individuals to pursue their dreams and it improves our nation with hardworking people that will benefit the future.

However, all of this seems to be coming to an end with this new administration that took office earlier this year.

With Immigration being a big theme in his campaign, President Donald Trump passed an executive ordr back in January that enforced immigration patrol and created a lot of tension around the nation.

These new policies placed under the Trump administration have slowly begun to target these individuals and are attempting to remove them from the country. These policies expose the hatred the current administration has against the immigrants that are currently in the country.

Many of these dreamers fear that DACA will no longer be able to protect them and that is just unfair. Taking an undocumented individuals right to live here while they work towards their future is cruel.

Not all students pursuing their dreams are criminals and they are not enemies of the country.

Undocumented students are no different than anyone else born here here trying to make something out of their education. Young undocumented individuals are here for the great education system this country has to offer. These students would not even dare to jeopardize the opportunity they have in the country.

Undocumented students that are here protected under DACA are hard working. Many of themse students are here putting their greatest effort in creating a bright future for themselves. This new immigration policy has created an unnecessary scare for many of these students and is outdated.

To find out more about this matter and how to keep in touch with current events you can visit the ACLU website. There will also be a workshop on March 2nd that will help guide students in the renewal process for current DACA students. It will take place in the financial aid office E1-135 starting at noon to 2pm and 5pm to 7pm.

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