Workshop emphasizes importance of Chicano-movement walkouts

By Jorge Aldaco

Dr. Jose M. Aguilar Hernandez presented a workshop titled Youth Power: Student Activism in Los Angeles.

The workshop was presented Tuesday in the Multipurpose Room in F5.

Aguilar-Hernandez is a professor at Cal Poly Pomona teaching in the Ethnic and Women’s Studies Department.

He spoke about the recent student walkouts and protest of recent events and past elections in US politics. He also talked about the past few decades when the Chicano and LGBTQ movements began to aligned themselves with other groups for a common goal. Aguilar-Hernandez is the youngest of his family and was the only one to finish high school.

He saw the issues that plagued his family and community. He also shared that his mother was deported while she was pregnant with him. Aguilar-Hernandez also points out that LGBTQ and Chicano groups mixing together is more prevalent in the community, a personal milestone for him because he is gay and Chicano.

Aguilar-Hernandez covered the history of student activism of the 1930s, and explained how it had expanded as the decades progressed. Some of his information included student protests that occurred in multiple parts of the world, such as Latin America, the Congo and Vietnam.

He also mentioned the importance of how multiple ethnic groups performing sitins and hunger-strikes help strengthen and further their agendas. Aguilar-Hernandez will return for another forum April 27.

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