Jazz musicians perform classic songs

By Jorge Aldaco

Jazz Town Buffet harmonized the night with soothing uplifting tunes that had the audience wanting more.

The soothing tunes involved Latin beats that made the audience excited in the S2 Recital hall on Friday.

The four musicians that make up the ensemble, Dan Sawyer, Henry Newmark, Sergio Minervini and Grandville Young, took their places on stage to perform for a modest audience. The group performed a number of works, including some of their own original pieces and also some older jazz classics. The more well-known and classical pieces they performed were ‘A Night in Tunisia’ and ‘Blues in the Closet’.

‘A Night in Tunisia’ was a piece written and recorded in 1942 by Dizzy Gillespie. Most of the jazz enthusiasts recognized the piece as they applauded during the performance. ‘A Night of Tunisia’ gave the feeling of a great noir or drama film.

It gives the feeling of a bustling, hyper active environment like a large city. ‘Blues in the Closet’ is a piece that made the crowd even more excited. ‘Blues in the Closet’ is a much more familiar song to people who may not know much about jazz. The intro tune has been reused in other songs for decades. “Blister in the sun” by the Violent Femmes is one of these songs.

Group members complimented one another and gave one another a moment to shine by having solos. Minervini, the pianist, walked in dressed sharply and he played the piano in a similar manner.

He was playing the piano as if he were walking on his tip toes, quickly and lightly. He moved his hands over the keys and zoned out while the audience was quiet and focused as they watched. Sawyer showed his versatility by switching from guitar to alto sax.

Sawyer directed the course of the program and the pieces the group performed.

Newmark played the drums and Young played the large upright bass. Newmark and Young compliment one another, as both would glance at each other seeing to how they were doing. They would also be in sync to each other, complimenting Minervini and Sawyer.

Both the drums and the standing bass were noticable, even though they weren’t the loudest instrument. Minervini and Sawyer also had some symbiotic moments, however not on the level of Newmark and Young.

While the jazz concert may not be everyone’s taste, it was still an entertaining show that anyone can enjoy.

Feeling The Rhythm—The jazz band members (left) Sergio Minervini, Dan Sawyer, Henry Newmark and Grandville Young performs “Blues in the Closet” in the S2 building.


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