Business adminstration to host open house

By Gustavo Buenrostro

The Business Adminstration Department will be hosting their first open house on March 24 at G3 Foyer from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

“We are putting it together for the benefit of the East Los Angeles College students. We want them to know there are classes they can take while they are at ELAC to start their own business,” assistant accounting professor Jennifer Alvarado said.

The purpose of this event is specifically to help students who want to start their own businesses, as well as be efficient in businesses to make a profit.

The Associate Science Transfer degree in Business Administration will be offered for the first time this semester.

This degree is brand new to the Business Administration Department, where the degree received state approval in December. The review process is usually lengthy.

The open house is the first for the department and is funded by faculty. The open house will have 15-minute workshops.

The entrepreneurship focus of this event will also help explain what to do in the gig economy, which is people going to business for themselves. Each workshop will have a specific focus.

Legal Formatting Issues workshop will help students understand how to separate themselves from business and how that’s important. Launching & Marketing your Business workshop will help the students understand which opportunity to pursue and how to market that business.

The workshops will also teach students how to price product and services and real estate careers. Students can also form their own business in information technology.

The open house will teach these skills to make sure students are making a profit, whether they are working in the gig economy or going into business for themselves.

“We started because there are other careers that we want to merge with. The students can come and know what is needed to be successful in entrepreneurship.

On-demand jobs are coming and they need to be ready for customers if they decide to start a small business,” business professor Laura E. Ramirez said.

While alumni will be present at the event, they will not be presenting at the workshops.

Professor of real estate and law Olivia Anderson and open house committee chair Roderick Lipscomb, as well others, will be speakers at this event.

This event is not just for business majors, but for all students to attend. “We are specifically reaching out to students in other departments like auto technology, child development, photography, architecture , theater, dance and music.

These are people who oftentimes are already working in the community. They need to know how to make a profit,” Alvarado said.


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